How to find your Fibromyalgia Tribe.

My little place in the world is something that I have decided to share today. It started as a "Goodmorning" post on facebook and with all my waffling it became too long. If you have so much to say about one thing, it deserves a blog dedicated it to.

So this is My Fibromyalgia Place.

I remember when I was a student nurse and part of the training was within the community. We had to shadow district Nurses and assist them within their daily visits. Every person we went to spent their day within a chair surrounded by the little bits and bobs of daily living. It always fascinated me the variations in what was special to some people.

Medications, empty mugs with tea remnants, used tissues, books, creams, letters, pens, you name it they had them all within hands reach.

How sad to live your life in a chair when there is a lovely world outside I often thought.
Twenty-five years later I never planned to be in their gang.

I wake daily and spend a massive percent of my day within my chair.
This has become my place in the world so why do I not feel the same sadness towards myself that I did long ago?

Complete honesty is yes I really did feel like that at first. I found myself in a position I never asked for that stole all my dreams, my life, my freedom, and hope.

I felt like a broken doll tossed on the floor.
There I lay watching all the other dolls being played with and I was alone. 

Then I began to accept this horrible illness. {Read accepting my life with Fibromyalgia}

I knew old me was a different person to who I am today so I had to find my new tribe.

One thing that makes my chair different to the chair of the people I looked upon with sadness is I do not have the loneliness they all talked of. I have the internet so I am part of a community, a group of people who fully accept me for who I am. This is a place where I can share my day, the good times and  painful moments. 

To be one person ill sat in a chair makes you seem like the only person in the whole world in that situation, but please believe me when I say. You are not alone. There are so many of us that spend their day in a chair just like you. 

If you can read this blog then you must have access to the internet. If you are reading this blog and you have a loved one that is in my position you owe it to them to open up their world and find their "me too" people..... their tribe. 

Loneliness and illness are cruel. 

Here is my list of ways to open up your circle and find your tribe. 

Read, subscribe, follow some good blogs:

Being a blogger myself I am obviously going to put this first. We write daily, weekly about our lives with Fibromyalgia, we write from the heart and often (without blowing my own trumpet) we offer loads of great advice, coping mechanisms and new research.  

A fellow member blogger Fibrodaze wrote a great article not so long ago titled 15 Fibro blogs to check out Have a look at this list, it is a carbon copy of the ones I would recommend so credit must go to Sue for this one.

Join My Fibro Team:

My Fibro Team is a superb community to make friends, find answers, get support. I have recently joined so if you sign up please find me {Link to me}    So now you are not alone there as you know me and in no time at all you everyone else will say hello and be ultra supportive and kind. 


Specialist Facebook Pages:

If you are on facebook then there are many specialist facebook pages for Fibromyalgia. They share snippets of information, support, answer questions, share funny images, daily inspiration. My favourite is Dear Fibromyalgia

Twitter has a superb chronic illness community:

My first insight into there being a world of people just like me came from being on Twitter. One evening a lady called me a "Spoonie" I had no idea at all what she meant so googled it. This blog from my archive explains What is a Spoonie? 

There is a MASSIVE community of people with Fibromyalgia on Twitter. Most of us have the hashtag in our profiles so makes it easy to find us. 

Have a look @ #Fibromyalgia  for tweets to join in with.

In no time at all, you will feel part of a community. 

Become a Blogger and join the blogging community:

Writing is such a rewarding therapy. {Read Writing as a therapy}

Why not start your own blog? If you have a Gmail account then you already have access to build a blog for FREE. 

Blogger is a brilliant place to start your blog. It allows you to design and create a wonderful utopia to condense your emotions. There is nothing stopping you doing an anonymous one. Although I am not a fan of complete anonymity as I find it is hard to build a bond, I have many blogs with a alter ego in the place of the real person, this will give your blog a personality while your real identity remains hidden. 

You can then become part of our community of Chronic Illness Bloggers. 

"Oh but I can not write!" Blah blah..excuses..excuses

Think of it as an extended facebook post. You will be surprised how many people find comfort in reading about your day. 

I really hope this helps in some small way and you begin to see that you are not alone. 

I completely understand how isolated it feels at times like you are in a boat paddling alone with no sight of the shoreline. It doesn't have to be this way, the power of unity is huge and the comfort in someone saying "I feel that way also" here is a virtual hug is priceless. 

I am always on my Facebook page {Facebook:The girl with the five lads} if ever you need me.

If you are on Pinterest, please share my pin to your board. 

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. This has nothing to do with anything, but I love those orange pillows! I always enjoy all the beautiful color in your photos as well as your writing.

    1. Hello hunny, thank you so much. They are old vintage ones found in a charity shop. I love them as they are velvet and colourful xxxxx


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