To the chopped veg haters

There is a new breed of haters out there, they linger in the vegetable aisles of supermarkets and wait patiently for their prey. They wait for an innocent person picking up a bag of pre-chopped veg and then they pounce. 

As a woman of forty-four yes I am fully aware that you can buy carrots cheaper in their natural form. I am well aware that pre-packed veg is more expensive. I am also aware that you look disapprovingly, you mutter things under your breath about how lazy I must be and must have money to throw away. 

Do you ever stop for one minute and wonder why I and many others like me buy chopped veg? 

For many people, the process of chopping hard root veg is impossible as them pesky carrots are so hard. With poor grip and painful hands it is so difficult to maintain the grip on the knife and the strength to chop, this is often taken for granted by many healthy, able-bodied people. 

I have a painful medical condition that means my body aches and I have widespread muscle pain daily. My right-hand aches, as a result even small things such holding a pen to write are now so painful. Although I look a young able bodied woman my body had different plans. So I manage my illness and avoid strenuous activities such as chopping hard vegetables. 

Times have changed since your version of "Back in my day" thankfully people in society with difficulties like myself have options now. Admittedly there is still a lot to be done and discrimination does exist for many disadvantaged by disabilities. 

But one day someone decided that there is a need for pre-chopped vegetables for the people who would find it difficult. You do not glare disgusted at people that purchase sliced bread so it baffles me why chopped carrots brings the haters out. 

If you are an able-bodied chopper then whoop de do for you, the loose carrots are over there. All the people with sore hands, wrists, the elderly, the young people trying to help their ill relatives by cooking follow me I know where all the best-chopped veg lives. 

For any lovely none choppers here is my families Friday curry night. Super fast, packed with vegetables and all pre-chopped by Asda supermarket. 

I have just bounced out of a six-day flare. (What a flare feels like) so my second youngest done the work of preparing (a.k.a throwing it all in a slow cooker before school) 

In a flare, I could not open the chopped veg pack pain-free let alone chop the vegetables and don't even get me started on the shoulder pain grating creates!

What is in my family Curry?

Enough meat or chicken for the family. I usually use the budget bag of chicken breasts but the steak was on offer this week.

Jar of Sharwoods Tikka or Jalfrezi curry sauce
Bag of ASDA   pre chopped Vegetable Curry Mix
Bag of ASDA pre-chopped onions 
Bag of ASDA grated carrot 
Half punnet of cherry tomatoes 

Chop the meat and put everything in a slow cooker in the morning and at tea time, it is cooked.
My family is a massive family of six (the big sons are six-foot men) so this is enough for 6 greedy people. It is a super idea to make it and freeze it if you have a smaller family.

Serve with rice and a little drizzle of greek yogurt or cream and a sprinkle of coriander.

We love curry night so back off chopped veg haters and take your pathetic closed mind and sly looks elsewhere.

Love and gentle hugs

Ness x


  1. Before I was ill, I never really thought about pre-chopped veg. I knew it existed and I knew it was helpful for people who, for example, perhaps had arthritis in their hands but it just didn't occur to me that people out there took offence to people using these items. You don't think badly of someone buying a pre-made pizza and bunging it in the oven or any other ready meal do you? Like you I now buy ready prepped (fresh and frozen) veg so it's there when I need it and I can provide a good meal for my family - it's better that than we live on not a lot!

    Your curry looks fab btw, you wouldn't give out the quantities so that I can recreate would you..?! :-)

    1. Hi Becs, so glad it is not just me that thinks it is crazy. I will add everything now to the post to make the curry in case anyone else fancies it also xxx

    2. Thanks for the curry quantities - always interesting to see what veggies and quantities other people use! I will certainly be giving it a try! xx

  2. It makes me sad that people just don't *think* about these things. Convenience products are not designed for lazy people (tho feel free to use them, we'll share) but for those of us who really struggle with non-convenience products. But it's hard to educate everyone! Love this post & that curry looks fab. I bet slowcookers are a spoonie cook's dream (my mum cooks for me, even better than a slowcooker)

    Chronic Caitlin

    1. Hi Caitlin, Made me laugh with the (feel free, we will share) People don't think and sadly don't understand until it happens to them. This is why I blog , even if I made one person more aware then my job is done.
      I would love my Mum to still cook for me, nothing better than a Mothers love via food. Hugs Love Ness xxx

  3. I'm so glad you wrote this, the peeled orange haters that came out recently made me want to scream. It was all about how chopped and peeled fruits and vegetables were for lazy people. Nope, for disabled people they are a lifeline, otherwise we wouldn't be able to cook!

    1. Hello darling, so glad this is not just confined to England. They truly baffle me! How hard is it to peel an orange with sore hands!! I hope they never know the answer to this like we do Love Ness xxx

  4. Lol. Fantastic post and very true.
    In my case hubby chops them all for me and throws then in the freezer. I even have frozen, grated cheese in there!

    1. Hi Cathy, firstly you are amazing all my posts you share I truly appreciate it so huge hug. My heart goes out to people like us that live alone. It must be so hard. Thankful for your hubby to help you and my sons with me.. Love Ness xx


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