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For many people like myself, most packaging is a major problem. We often think this is isolated purely to the elderly yet many people suffer daily with a chronic illness that renders their hands to almost stone.

Aesthetically I look an able-bodied forty-four-year-old woman yet I have lost the strength in my hands, my pincer grip is weak and my left-hand aches with menial tasks. Certain packaging for me is a nightmare, plus we live in a society that over packages everything.

I welcomed an opportunity to try out a device that would assist my independence within this department. 

This is a sponsored post for Version22. I have been compensated through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.

Remember back to childhood Halloween wearing witches plastic fingernails, this is basically what a Nimble feels like, it is quite fun!

It is an award-winning gadget that makes wrap easy with a simple swipe of your finger. 

Within the tip of the Nimble is a tiny zirconia ceramic blade. If you are curious like I am and wonder if you swipe it over your skin will it cut, the answer is no, I tried? 

This device is as magic as the rotating saw the hospitals use to remove plaster casts. Remember the fear when they say, "Don't worry it will not cut skin" Then place it on you as you miss a heart beat! 

Nimble is such a more effective way than using a blade, knife or scissors. I always fear I will cause myself an injury as I can not grip them correctly. 

My heart goes out to elderly people as they must get so tired of overzealous packaging. Many elderly people find giving up their independence so hard. Many acts of daily living require some form of packaging. Even people who no longer cook and prepare food. Have you tried to open a prepacked sandwich lately?

Young children with chronic ill parents like mine can get upset watching a parent struggle. They can not use sharp utensils but they could easily pass a parent a Nimble. 

My Nine year old finds it so much fun helping Mum open up all the packets with his Magic Finger. 

One size fits all. 

Version 22 are currently running a Kickstarter campaign so this is an ideal opportunity to grab a bargain and support independent companies. 

The Nimble I am currently using is now sold out. A new version has been created but the funding is required to produce a new and improved Nimble

Personally, I have bought many things via pledge basis as you are helping to start a project that is in need of finance to start. We support the large companies on the High Streets daily so projects like this are a way calming my conscience. 

What is a Kickstarter campaign? 
Kick starter works by a company starting a campaign. They promote and tell you how super their product is and if you feel it is something that would benefit you then you make a pledge. You are only charged if the company meets the target. Once the campaign closes the company sets to work producing the product and it is then posted out to you. It is not like a usual bid and receive in a few days, you have to wait for a short period of time while they produce the goods.

Fancy  getting  a Nimble as they are not available anywhere else? 
Pre-ordering through Kickstarter means you receive a large discount.


How I found the Nimble

In all honesty, I can not fault it.
I have tried to build a package of pros and cons for you., yet failed as it is so simple and effective. It works and does it so effortlessly I find myself challenging its ability but it has not failed even with the really stiff sealed packs that are hard to open even with sharp scissors. I shall be ordering my Mother one from kick starter as she is so impressed with mine I feel mean keeping it.

There are some EARLY BIRD DEALS available on a first come basis so try and be super fast with ordering, I am hoping to grab this deal also. I do love a bargain. 

Please keep me informed if you decide to get one also, I love feedback.  


  1. That is awesome! I definitely need to look into this. Opening packages is an everyday struggle for me.

    1. Thank you so much Shannon, my Mum has stolen mine she was that impressed xxxx

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