What is #besidesmydiagnosis all about?

When we receive a diagnosis of a long-term illness we tend to forget all the wonderful things about ourselves, we simply become our diagnosis.

I use the hashtag #fibromyalgia so often I forget to add #smileylady #lovesart #redlipstick #lovespinkfluffysocks #Marvelnerd I am so many more things besides my diagnosis and I know you are also. (Even if you do not realise this yet!)

Many people become totally different people when they become ill, they mourn the person they once were and during this phase, they forget how wonderful they are NOW.

I love being part of a Chronic Illness/Spoonie community and I am proud to be a member of Chronic Illness Bloggers but I want to learn more about each other, spread some happiness and awareness that we are so much more than illness.

The hashtags for my diagnosis found me so many amazing kindred spirits and put me within this community but now let's celebrate our uniqueness.

Each one of us has amazing qualities that need to be shared.

So I am planting a little seed to see how it grows and flourishes into something that can only be good, a place to learn to love ourselves again and all the wonderful attributes besides our diagnosis. 

The aim of #besidesmydiagnosis is to share self-love and appreciation for people who need to feel they are more than their diagnosis.

Let's fall back in love with ourselves.


#besidesmydiagnosis all about the girl with the five lads

 1. #besidesmydiagnosis the three things about my appearance that I love when I look in a mirror?

My eyes, my smile and my cleavage, I do like boobs.

 2. #besidesmydiagnosis the things I have read most are?

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Wuthering Heights, Our Bodies Ourselves- By Women For Women, The Tiger who came to tea and a really battered old pregnancy book. I struggle to read books now so I love small articles onlin and blogs more.

 3. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite comfort foods are?

Weetabix or Oatibix with Meridian peanut butter, almond milk and dried fruit or banana. I live on this food as it is so easy to manage.
I love apple pie and custard....I love fish finger butties...Oh and Dandelion and Burdock makes the world a better place.

 4. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite past times are?

Watching Netflix, just watched the Big Bang Theory so I am having Sheldon withdrawals, I love to knit but it hurts my hands so I only do short bouts, I have a million craft projects on the go, I enjoy looking at art but now I don't go to galleries or anything so I get lost on the internet looking for various artists and their work.

 5. #besidesmydiagnosis my biggest accomplishment since illness is?

Smiling and the ability to find so many positive things in my day. This is my coping mechanism and I am super at it.

 6. #besidesmydiagnosis I feel my best quality is?

My hippie ways, being a tree hugging, cloud watching, unicorn lovers keeps me calm.

 7. #besidesmydiagnosis my motto/mantra to live by?

The four agreements, it is a book I adore (my bible) written by Don Miguel Ruiz

1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don't take anything personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best. 

 8. #besidesmydiagnosis I would love to travel to?

Ireland, I spent a lot of time here once and I would love to take the two youngest back to show them everything I love about this country.

 9. #besidesmydiagnosis my guilty pleasure is?

Cake, I am definitely addicted to cake. Real homemade stuff, not shops bought rubbish.

10. #besidesmydiagnosis I have many dreams and ambitions such as?

To get a Blue Peter badge. Lifelong ambition!
It used to be, "Fall in love" but a Blue Peter badge seems a more realistic and worthwhile goal.

I simply can not wait to read yours and add your blog link to my web page.
All the details are here 
Everyone is welcome, there is no hierarchies within illness.

Love, laughter and gentle hugs

Ness xx

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  1. Brilliant, I applaud your ability to think beyond the illness. I will try to get to the point where I remember who I was ? What I liked ? What's important to me ? I have started acupuncture and I did feel some change after my first session. Another session tomorrow, maybe this is my way back to me ? Maybe I'm not irretrievably lost? Xx

    1. Huge hug Kelly, thank you for your positive comment. Acupuncture is amazing, I really hope it works for you. Maybe you should stop searching for old you as new you is amazing. I mourned the old me (pre illness me) and then worked out that me now is just as fab. Ok I am rounder, slower and usually asleep but I still have amazing qualities. I bet you do also!
      I will drag you along on my self love mission.

      Huge hugs and thank you for your lovely words, they have really made me smile today Love Ness xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing this, and for staring this #! It's great! Here is my linky! http://wp.me/p5VgTs-72

    1. Kat, thank you so much, I loved it! I have added your blog link to the list. Love and hugs Ness xxx

  3. Hi Ness
    Great idea. I've managed my Linky. It is in PDF format https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17459523/FMS_eNews/Linky_StellaB.pdf It is linked to the logo on my blog www.fmsenews.blogspot.co.uk
    Hope this will suffice - not too keen on Twitter!! I often put in links to your blogposts. I am an admirer.
    Well wishes

    1. Stella I love it, I can't believe how good a at knitting you are, so jealous I only do little squares and make blankets. Also I have never considered audio books, my local library has them. It does make me sad that I can no longer read books but this has given me hope. Thank you so much xxxx

  4. I don't have Twitter or a blog, but I really want to answer those questions, so I'm posting it here! :)

    1. #besidesmydiagnosis the three things about my appearance that I love in the mirror?--- My green eyes, my lips (I just like the color and the way they're shaped), and the silver in my dark brown hair.

    2. #besidesmydiagnosis the things I have read most are?--- Oh, jeez, I read so very, VERY much that this is hard to answer. I love reading about history, especially the first five hundred or so years CE, and the history of Christianity, and the Celtic people, and... well, there are really too many historical topics that I love, so I'll leave it there. I also love mysteries (the classics by people like Agatha Christie and Georgette Heyer, etc.), and poetry by certain poets (Whitman, Eliot, Dickinson, cummings, and Cohen), and, well, I could go on for a long time, but I won't.

    3. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite comfort foods are?--- Doughnuts, and pie, and oatmeal cookies with raisins, and almost any kind of bread. And peanut mixed with honey, if I must have something easy right now.

    4. #besidesmydiagnosis my favourite pastimes are?--- Loom knitting, cross stitch, making cards, reading (you might have guessed that one already), Netflix and chill... and does napping count? I feel like napping should totally count.

    5. #besidesmydiagnosis my biggest accomplishment since illness is?--- I finished raising my son! He's an awesome young adult now.

    6. #besidesmydiagnosis I feel my best quality is?--- I'm patient and kind.

    7. #besidesmydiagnosis my motto/mantra to live by?--- "Moderation in all things." Except for reading, apparently. :)

    8. #besidesmydiagnosis I would love to travel to?--- Wales and other parts of the UK (I'm American). Australia. The Caribbean--- I spent about half of my childhood there, and would love to go back.

    9. #besidesmydiagnosis my guilty pleasure is?--- The laughably stupid TV show, "Ancient Aliens," and anything similarly stupid about conspiracy theories.

    10. #besidesmydiagnosis I have many dreams and ambitions such as?--- I want to get a book published! Of course, first I have to actually finish one, which is difficult right now as I'm suffering from a serious months-long bout of writer's block.

    So there's my list of answers! I loved this list. I've been ill with fibro for years, but have only realized it for a few months; I also have a seizure disorder which has made life difficult for a long time. It can be difficult to stay positive, so I really, really appreciate things that remind me to be nice to myself. Thank you! Happy October to you and yours. :)

    1. Thank you so much. So sorry for my late reply I have been so bogged down over the winter months I totally forgot about blog comments. Huge love and hugs Ness xxxx


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