Fibromyalgia and a protein rich diet

Protein is, even more, essential when you have a chronic fatigue related illness. A breakfast rich in protein can offer the perfect start to the day. It is the best food group to fuel you for the day ahead balancing your energy levels, counting your spoons.

Why eat Protein?

Protein is a building block of cells throughout the body.It is essential for healthy muscles, cartilage and blood and also healthy skin and nails. Protein helps to repair and build bodily tissues and is used to produce hormones and enzymes.

When you eat a breakfast rich in protein you will feel more energised and ready for the day ahead. You will find energy slumps are still there but are more balanced. Protein is not a miracle nutrient after all and I can not claim that it will ever cure chronic fatigue illness but it can but a diet rich in protein as you feel fuller longer. When the fatigue hits we often have a tendency to reach out for easy options, often junk. This can lead to weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.

Weight gain is often expected due to a more sedentary lifestyle and also medication for Fibromyalgia. I wish I could offer my readers a wonder blog to combat this but I honestly believe it is something we all have to accept, fibro makes you more voluptuous.  The top tip I can offer is embracing the curves. Eating healthier and more balanced will accentuate the natural beautiful glow that you have, you will be less inclined to reach out for junk laden nutrients that make your hair and skin look dull and washed out.

I live daily with chronic fatigue illness so I am definitely not about to tell you to shimmy into the kitchen and suddenly become a Michelin Star chef.

Don't you just hate the people who don't understand chronic fatigue and the inability to be arsed eating healthy when you have zero energy?

Well, thankfully I am not one of them people. My methods for getting extra protein are simple. Swap your breakfast milk for Almond milk, It tastes lovely and is also great in tea and coffee. On your cereal, it will give you a super boost of protein. Also, why not make a fruit and nut smoothie. So simple to do, all you need is a box of frozen fruits (defrosted) they cost around £2 in the supermarkets and you will get enough for 3 shakes. Add the berries and almond milk to the blender and also a tablespoon of a good quality nut butter. I use Meridian as it is, in my opinion, the best.  Swirl it together and that is it.. simple! I have this daily and although I am still very much a chronic fatigue lady and have to have long slept each day I don't binge on unhealthy foods now. People who advocate cures are unrealistic, I can not offer false hope. I spend part of my day looking like this...

But I am proud to boast that my blood results are happy and also I am losing weight (very slowly) simply as I gave up huge fluctuations in my blood sugar causing me to reach out for junk. The flares still happen as does the tiredness but I am managing it better, energy is balanced and managed and my skin glows and my hair is shiny. 

Proud to be a voluptuous chronic ill lady rather than a sad dull grey skin one. 
Give it a go, what have you got to lose? 

Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. Oh that smoothie looks delicious, I will need to try it. I love the frozen fruit you get in the supermarket, they are so handy and great to use for smoothies. One thing to keep in mind is that almond milk is actually low in protein unless you are making it at home because brands like alpro don't actually have much in the way of almonds in them, same with most tbh. But they are great for people who have issues with dairy. I like to put some chia seeds in my porridge in the morning for a little protein boost :)

    1. Hi Donna, Sorry for the delay in replying. I am currently running at snail pace. I found a super oat milk that I prefer in taste but I do need an extra protein boost. I will try some chia seeds as you suggested (Massive thanks never used them before)
      Love Ness xxx


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