Review: Beanies Coffee cinder toffee and very vanilla

Flavoured coffee is always going to work for me especially delightful caramels, toffees and vanillas so I was really excited to discover new Beanies Instant Coffee with added delish flavouring!

If you pop onto their web page you will see the list of enticing flavours such as Christmas Pud, Irish Cream and Ginger Bread. How genius, sugar-free coffee tasting of Christmas Pud! Although it tastes sweet Beanies doesn't contain sugar or any derivatives such as dextrose, fructose and lactose or artificial sweeteners or syrups.

Disclosure for my reviews: I have been given this product as part of a review network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. My words are my own. 

Unlike other flavour coffee producers who 'coat' the granules, at Beanies they 'infuse' them with the finest quality flavourings which make for a more satisfying cup of coffee!

Beanies use Brazillian coffee beans which pose the question is Beanies classified as Fairtrade?
"Ethically sourced coffee is important to us at Beanies, so while it is not Fairtrade we’re pleased to say that the suppliers of our coffee adhere to the Ethical Trading Initiative that promotes respect for workers' rights around the globe, you can read more about that here. They are also a member of SEDEX, who are regularly audited according to the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit."

So let's get on to the best part...MmmmmMmmm the tasting!

I was reviewing the Beanies Instant Coffee Very Vanilla and also Beanies Instant Coffee Cinder Toffee both priced at £2.50

As soon as you open the jar a huge aromatic waft of coffee and toffee fills your nostrils, as an aromatherapist this almost made me dribble onto my chin it was so powerful (in a good way) The granules are a beautiful rich conker brown colour and irregular like natural slate (sounds irrelevant but this stuff matters to a coffee lover)

I am a milk, no sugar girl where coffee is concerned and I do appreciate the right colour. Beanies is the right colour for coffee and I sat down to enjoy my coffee. I selected Cinder toffee first as this would naturally be my choice within a coffee shop.

I did not want to write my review based upon one cup as I never feel you can do a product justice that way, our palates change and we need to evaluate something as important as coffee over a period of time. My initial reaction to Beanies was this is not for me. For something so strong in smell, it is quite weak in taste. My coffee palate preferred a deeper roast so this coffee was not working for me at all. I tried out the two flavours at various times of the day and again it never hit the spot at all for me. It is such an insipid flavour but leaves a nasty after taste in your mouth. Once the water is added you can hardly taste the coffee let alone the flavouring. This would best suit someone who prefers a very milder coffee flavour or someone who drinks black coffee as part of a calorie controlled diet as 2 calories per serving with that aroma would be a welcome hot drink to most. But I am a hardened coffee drinker and this is not the bean for me sorry.

If you enjoy a mild roast then there are so many great added flavours to select from.
Have a look here

Let me know if you use this product and what you think?

Love and gentle hugs



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