Review Slogan print across your body bag by Asda

Ladies our British summertime needs great accessories to shimmy in the sun and brighten up the cloudy days. This lovely little bag is the MUST accessory this year as it is such an eye catching smile-inducing rectangle of love. 

Being ill with a chronic illness does not mean you lose your sense of dressing it simply needs modifying. I am forever making changes to update my wardrobe to suit the me today not old me.

Does your wardrobe contain all the clothes you felt comfortable in pre-diagnosis?
Has your diagnosis changed the way you dress? The shoes you wear?

You can change an outfit by clever accessories. 
This is a review of a great little bag by Asda available to all for under £10 (Woooo!) 

No longer do us ladies need to match our bag to our shoes and our beads like we did in the 80's so this bag is a superb match anything in your wardrobe. If you really do need to match it then it is peach, black and cream. 

No matter if you are a clutch bag diva, an across the body bohemian festival gypsy or a pin-up gal over the shoulder then this bag will suit you all, day or night. 

This bag has a zip fastener across the top. Not sure what you prefer as we all have our own preference I am definitely a zipped safe girl. Years of my Mum saying "Watch your bag" have made me OCD about bag snatchers. 

Big bags and heavy bags really annoy me as they hurt my neck so this is ideal for people like me who like to look nice but also need it to be practical to my own personal aches and pains. 

Plus who enjoys looking for their purse in the bottom of a big bag?  
Flashbacks to my Nan handing me boiled sweets covered in the bottom of the bag tissue fluff and being too scared to say "No thanks Nan" as my Nan was like a battleaxe female version of Popeye. 

Bag dimensions:
Height: 23cm / 9 Inches
Width: 30½cm / 12 Inches

You can purchase one just like this HERE

Or pop into your local Asda and collect one from the George Dept. 
Let me know if you did and I would love to see any photos of you with your new bags. 

Superb little bag, I hope you all look wow whilst wearing it out.

Let me know if you use this product and what you think?

Love and gentle hugs


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Disclosure for my reviews: I have been given this product as part of a review network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. My words are my own. 


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