Book review: Suffered long enough by Dr. Bill Rawls

I was recently approached to review a new book written by Dr. Rawls a North Carolina medic who has recently written a book about his struggle with fibromyalgia/CFS called "Suffered Long Enough." He is a traditionally trained physician but found the medical community's treatments for his illness lacking, so he developed his own.

I was quite excited to obtain this book as I wanted to know what Dr. Rawls protocol was. When you suffer from an illness you grasp at new ideas with both hands.

In brief, Dr. Rawls suggests that there are six major issues that need to be addressed poor nutrition, emotional stress, oxidative stress, toxic stress, physical stress, and energy.

The first impression of the book was good, it seemed very easy to read and the first section gave hope as it was written from the heart.

 “Neither were diagnoses I wanted. They carry a stigma. Doctors like things they can define and treat. If you have something that is hard to define and has no specific (or easy) treatment, they don’t want to mess with it. I knew the feeling”

Like many  Dr. Rawls believed “All the doctors had to offer was drugs to cover up symptoms, no real cure. Wellness did not seem to be in their vocabulary” With this one sentence I was hopeful, and then the book flopped.

It is almost as if it was written by two people. The first understood me, his use of language flowed and he used the written word to place the author at the same level as the reader. Then the morph into a thesaurus author that seemed to have a list of big medical words and everyone was to be used in this section.

“Forty-six chromosomes, bound together by proteins and encapsulated within a nuclear membrane, are present in every cell in your body”

"The technical term for a chemical compound that is toxic to the human body is xenobiotic."

Hmmm even without brain fog, the everyday layperson is not really interested.  I come from a nursing background and I am a qualified complementary therapist and I found the overuse of terminology very hard to follow. This book had very poor readability and gave me mental overload after the first section of the book.

Huge emphasis within this book was based on supplements, I am not sure I advocate this as I do feel there is an overuse of supplements by people already.  Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cannot be cured or even managed by pill popping and I feel many alternative practitioners are unregulated.

Then his protocol for poor nutrition, emotional stress, oxidative stress, toxic stress, physical stress, and energy. Well, this is not really a new protocol.  It gave me no greater insight than my favourite blogs have given me already, the only difference being I enjoy reading them and can still manage to read them on difficult days.  His ethos I have read many times and is standard practice in the management of both conditions when you do your reading about them.

Use of language and readability can make or break a book, sorry this one is not for me. In all fairness I do struggle to read a book when fibro fog is ranging so I may go back to this book at a later date.  But don't listen to Lil olde me, I know so many other bloggers within the chronic illness community absolutely love it, maybe I am just can buy it for yourself from Amazon.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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