A Fibromyalgia bloggers 10 Mini goals for November 2018

Monthly goal blogs are a new thing for me that I started on my blog back in July and I am really enjoying sharing them with you.

I love new months, always have, they are a clean slate and a fresh new start so the first day of a new month is a great place to set mini goals. So far I am winning with my goal achievements which in turn has given me a sense of pride.

November is all about going on a meander down self-love lane. Learning to not only stop and smell the roses but to appreciate the colour, taste, emotions and anything else involved with self-love and appreciation.  We all need to relax; to take time out of one's busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life.

I write about this a lot so if you take anything from my words please understand that happiness and self-love is an ongoing practice. You must do it daily and audit your life often to stay on the right path. 

October had many beautiful moments but it was a rollercoaster month with quite a few sad days. It would be easy to simply focus on the good days and claim to never feel down but that is not real life. Everyone has not so good days so now if sadness comes, I know they will pass and will just love and snuggle the sadness until it does. One of the greatest things I have learnt is making friends with sadness and not fearing it. 

So what are my goals for November? 

1. Photography.

I have always loved taking photographs it is such a magical way to capture time. This once annoyed my sons so much as I would stop to take photographs all the time. Now I get the vibe they appreciate how I see magic in the world and the happiness it gives me. For Christmas last year they bought me a camera and it really was an amazing gift for me.

I love taking photographs of my city whenever I am well enough to be there. I made an album on Facebook sharing this love for Liverpool with my friends and family. Last week I made an Instagram page for all my images. I am by no standard a professional but it makes me happy so I intend to get wrapped up and get out and about this November getting some new images for my page.

My Dad is an Ex Merchant Navy man and has offered to take me down the docks to get some photos and show me all the old places of interest... I can't wait!

If you are on Instagram and would like to follow my Liverpool photography page HERE is a link.

My goal is also to get more blog photographs, I have become lazy at this and need to up my game.

2. Self-love.

Can a girl ever get too much self-love? I don't mean this in a narcissistic way I mean being kinder to yourself as a human and treating yourself as you would someone else.

Lots of self-love this month as my goal to become the happiest version of myself, comfortable with who I am and content with my solitude.

3. Be nicer.

Lately, I have been feeling grumpy. Admittedly I know it is due to pain but that is no excuse. I know the cause, have coping mechanisms, medication and the ability to rest so I need to make this my focus. I don't like feeling grumpy so this has to change.

I need to meditate more, burn some sage and charge up my crystals to attract some good free-flowing energy,

4. Give up on dating.

I have reached that stage in my life that I never thought I would. No matter what relationships have thrown at me I always believed in romantic love and that we all have a soul mate. Recently, my views are changing. It feels like dating is so much stress, second-guessing, wishy-washy words and makes me sad rather than happy. I just think it is not for me.

I have had periods of being single and I really feel during this time I am at my happiest so November is embracing single life. I can't even be bothered with flirting, that is how fed up and overwhelmed with it all I have become. Maybe I am not suited to modern dating?

5. Read more.

Books for me can be a challenge now so I tend to re-read books to reiterate their contents. I was never really a fiction reader so this works well for me. I love spiritual, feel-good books so will re-read a few of my favourites.

I love blogs yet lately I have not even been reading my favourite ones. So my goal is to read more blogs and seek out some new ones.

6. Drink more water

I need this tattooed on my eyelids as I forget hydration so much. Now that the central heating is on I really do need to stay hydrated so a water tally is being made in my journal.

7. Skincare routine

Especially this time of year as the central heating is a nightmare for sensitive skin so lots of face treatments and extra TLC in the skin routine.

This deserves a blog all to itself and as I am a Holistic Skin Care Specialist I owe it to my readers to share some tips and best products.

8. Blog more

It is a therapy for me and gives my mental clarity. I have always been a writer and diary keeper even as a small child. It is something that I need to do so I will spend the month blogging more.

9. Learn how to crochet socks

This is a true goal as I really want to be able to make chunky colourful socks. So this month I will teach myself how.

10. Fruit and Veg

My immune system is pathetic so it needs all the help it can get. November will be filled with rainbow fruit and veg.

Do you have any goals for the month ahead?

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx

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  1. I hope you achieve all this and more this month, best of luck! I never thought about the central heating + skin correlation, so that's a great tip too <3


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