3 Mini goals for October 2018

October goals and I am loving the Autumn vibe even though it is so bloody painful.. it is what it is so no point moaning about something I can not change.  The highlight of my week was pumpkin fairy lights for £2 in Wilko (Imagine a UK version of Walmart) Simple pleasures always raise a smile with me.  

So what changes do I plan for this month?

1. Manage pain better

For some crazy-rookie-stupid-idiotic reason, I am challenging myself with pain lately. Leaving taking extra medication till I "really need it" and thinking I will be ok, it will pass, it doesn't. It is the super painful seasons now so all I am doing is making myself grumpy and then tense, which adds to the symptoms!

I know I have a long-term pain illness that is not going away so why do I always feel each Summer that I am the Fibromyalgia miracle? I have a run of good days and think I am cured!

I need to remind myself every September to become a Fibromyalgia version of a Doomsday Prepper.


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"4 Changes to become Fibromyalgia happy"

2. Start a "Winter 2018" blanket. 

I sorted all my yarn stash yesterday and have a big bag of mixed colours. Rather than spend Autumn/Winter making lots of mini projects I am going to start a huge one, a double bed size throw for my bed. Plus I am skint so it will save me lots of money not having to buy yarn till Spring. Economical little soul, I am...


"Learn to crochet as a form of relaxation for Fibromyalgia"

3. Get Christmas ready.

I know, I know.. It is only just October but I really do need to use the energy I have now preparing for the best day ever, Christmas day. Last year I made changes that really did pay off so I intend to start the prep now like last year. If it means not having a massive flare then I am happy to incorporate this as a goal in October.

Have a read of the blogs I wrote after Christmas 2016 and Christmas 2017, very different due to prepping early.


Christmas 2016 "Fibromyalgia does not unchain me for Christmas"
Christmas 2017 "The changes I made to help Christmas with Fibromyalgia not end in a flare"

What are your goals for October 2018? 

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


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