My five mini goals for September 2018

This started as a list handwritten in my diary as I was having a small blog break so I simply decided to type it out here. My July and August goal lists have all been accomplished, yay me!
August was a small list again handwritten in my diary, mostly about mini goals for the Summer holidays with my boys.

I love new months as they are a clean slate and a fresh new start so the first day of a new month is a great place to set mini goals.

1. Sort out my hair

Sounds like a simple goal but if you know me I love my hair! It has been on its own adventure over the last few years with colour, growth, being shaved off, psoriasis, pain. It is now at a beautiful stage of long, luscious and shiny but it is annoying me. It is energy zapping to style and painful to wear up in a ponytail so it is getting chopped off again. 

NB. Close friends and family will already know I have achieved this goal. 

2. Drink more water

This goal really should be tattooed across my eyelids as a daily reminder. I am a fibro girl with a horrendous memory, I have periods of forgetting to hydrate. It happens we need to be prompted so THIS is my prompt. 

3. Allocating time to people

Time is precious and I need to stop allocating time to people who are simply not worthy of my time. As humans, we are all guilty of this in some way. We need to know our worth and stop wasting precious time on the wrong people. Go where you are appreciated. 

4. Remembering all the coping mechanisms for Fibromyalgia

Summer has packed her suitcase and departed for another year so we need to remember all we have learnt from previous years. Yes, I could sit and cry about the intensity of symptoms now Autumn is here, it gets me every year on its return.....  but it would achieve nothing. 

"Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. 
You may be given a cactus but you do not need to sit on it." 

So my goal is to hold on, buckle up and enjoy the ride of a new season even if it becomes painful and filled with so many increased symptoms. My focus is to remember my balance and to be grateful for the small beautiful moments in my day. 

5. Watch the bubble

No, I am not going to spend all of September blowing bubbles and watching them, although this would be fun. I am referring to the metaphorical safety bubble we encapsulate ourselves within during the painful periods. It is so easy to become a recluse and stay in your safety zone. I am so guilty of this in previous years as it is safe and comforting but it is also damaging to mental health. So my goal is to build a cat flap on my winter bubble rather than zipping it up and closing me inside safe. 

What are your goals for September 2018? 

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


  1. Love this! Mini goals, I will make it a part of my K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sweety) system. Thank you. ❤

  2. Hello Ness.....i have missed your posts here and on IG, but fully understand ....
    I have recently been diagnosed with fibro and am still trying to get my head around it and all that comes with it...we are just coming out of winter and I am feeling better already....however, soon we will have hot humid summers and that for me is just as bad....thank you for all your informative and supportive posts, they are really helpful we have no support services available here
    Take care....xx


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