My 5 mini goals for July 2018

July goal is a new thing for me to write about on my blog but it is something I do each month so not sure why I have never written my goals here.

I love new months as they are a clean slate and a fresh new start so the first day of a new month is a great place to set mini goals.

1. Spend less time on social media

It is so easy to lose hours of your time scrolling on social media, it really is addictive. Admittedly I love it, I have met so many beautiful people through social media and really do enjoy following their lives but I am spending so much mental energy doing it. When you have limited energy it is good to keep tabs on where your energy levels dip. I have become very aware of how tiring it is making me so I am going to set some limits. 

Small simple goals like just posting on my blog facebook page rather than blog page and personal page. Also limiting my time on Instagram, my favourite!

2. Save some money

June was a crazy month for me with loads of financial pulls on the purse strings, I need to heal my poor little bank account now. So the plan is to save as much as I can and only spend money on essentials such as bills and food.

3. Use up products

I love new products, it really is my weakness so rather than buy yet another lipstick that sits in my makeup bag I am not buying any new products till all the old stuff is completely used.

4. Wear clothes more

I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I never wear. Since fibromyalgia, I completely revamped my wardrobe to only have comfortable items yet I still stick to pyjamas when in the house. So this is my goal, to make all my clothing feel loved and stop sticking to the favourite ones.

5. Get my living room finished

I have the paint, the wallpaper but zero motivation even to delegate so this month I need to get organised. We moved to our new home in November and yet the living room is not decorated or carpeted so that is the goal for Summer.  I have the money saved ready for the carpet it just needs decorating first. Winter will soon be here so all hands on deck, let's do this!

What are your goals for July 2018? 

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


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