Forgetting other medical conditions as Fibromyalgia is such a diva

For me, Fibromyalgia is a total DIVA who likes to shimmy and shine above all my other medical conditions. This is the one that swept the feet from under me, literally so I guess it does deserve top ranking in the list of medical conditions, but should it really when I have had other conditions for over thirty years?

This all occurred to me recently when I was recovering from a fibromyalgia flare and had not taken my asthma medication as I was so unwell I simply forgot. I was disappointed in myself really as I should treat all illness with the same attention, yet I don't.

I asked other readers about this on my facebook page and true enough I am not the only one guilty of this. Many of us have other invisible illness that seems to be neglected due to Fibro flares, simply forgetting medication or just we desensitise them and make them normal.

When asked what illness I have I always reply Fibromyalgia. If I  had to list and describe my illness during a medical consultation would I remember the ones that are now normal for me? 

In a quest for fibromyalgia balance, we really can become desensitised to illness and its impact on daily living. 

It is superb to be able to smile through it all, but we ideally need a list of everything in detail and the care it requires to gain a full balance in our lives.

During an appointment once, I was asked about my migraines, how they affect me, duration and symptoms. Living with migraines has been part of my life for thirty years, this is almost a marriage! For me it is normal to have crippling head pain so I often forget others do not have this,  it is as natural to me as breathing.

"Were you healthy prior to Fibromyalgia?" 
Instinctively I reply yes. 
Then the reality alarm bells go off within my mind. 

Was I really healthy with panic attacks and depression since my teenage years?
Is being unable to breathe natural?
Is crippling head pain that makes you have to go to bed normal? 
Was endometriosis/adenomyosis that stole part of my life really healthy? 
It was severe enough to require a hysterectomy in my thirties yet I opted to forget this pain as this pain was with me all of my adult life.

Symptoms of illness can often become such a huge part of life that it becomes normal. Why is it acceptable to think this is normal?

Is the price of being happy and chronically ill to sugar coated every symptom, illness, disability and just focus on one?

The last flare was a real slap across the face that I need to focus on everything otherwise I am just patching up a hole by creating a new hole elsewhere.

Do you have a symptom and care diary for ALL your illness?
Do you balance ALL your illness equally?

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


  1. Hello Ness, how can we please get in contact with you :-) We'd love to have your opinion on our Fibro supplement

    1. Hi Tessa, apologies for the delay. My email is huge hugs and have a lovely day xxxx

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  3. I too have asthma. I don't have issues with mine often, mainly in the spring and fall but other than that it is not that bad. Not sure if that goes hand in hand with fibro but it is there just the same.


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