Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #18/6

If you are new to reading my blog Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind are just a small update on my inner thoughts from the week usually typed out with my Sunday morning coffee and some of the images from my phone. (If I have any from that week) 

Sunday thoughts have been neglected with two busy weekends on the run and wow have I paid for it!

Making memories is beautiful but I also made myself a massive fibromyalgia flare and have been in bed for a week. Now I am on the tail end with light glimmering at the end of the tunnel I do wonder was it worth it?

Obviously, the answer is yes, but the crash afterwards always adds a slight cloud over the fun and sets me back. I am great at writing blogs about managing fibro and finding a balance but sometimes I neglect to read my own words. The best I can do now is just as I always do, feel thankful that the flare is passing and start again from the very beginning. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day to rest and recover as it was the Royal wedding, I do enjoy a good love story. When Harry and William walked together to the church my eyes filled up, two brothers side by side. 

My side by side strength this week has been my little dog Maggie, she just knows when I need support and loves snuggling next to me in bed.

Blogging from bed has given me the opportunity to make a few changes to my Instagram and the inspiration to make some new quote images. I got through some of my darkest moments with quotes and reading words of wisdom so I hope they inspire my readers.

I have added a new Friday section to my blog to share the quotes. 

Today is the first day of starting again with balance. I am in less pain than the last few days and my enthusiasm is back in full swing. Now all I have to do is not overdo it again. Sounds easy? Trust me it is not. I have had flares from some random things such as watching the sad news on the TV, an in-depth long telephone conversation and even making love!

Here are a collection of the images from my phone that I collected over the last couple of weeks:

Visiting the grave. 

New lemon bottle.

Beautiful daisies on a sunny day.

My sycamore tree in my garden.

Seamus playing with water in the sunshine.

Planting some wildflowers for the local bees.

Beautiful roses from Aldi.

A gift from a friend: Beautiful Tara

Maggie loved the dog basket.

New diary stickers.

Feeling drained.

Gifts from my youngest.

Poorly sick flare days.

Proud of my stretch marks.

Waking next to this little sweetheart. 

In Liverpool watching my son in his University play.

Sunsetting over Liverpool.

Burning sage.

Poorly sick flare days.

Delicious banana cake made by my youngest.

Today was such a lovely day, I sat in the garden and done some gentle weeding and potting a few new plants and then played with a water hose with Seamus my Labrador. He loves his garden, sitting under his big tree. I love my garden but get so frustrated that I do not have the energy a big garden needs. Over time with the help of my sons doing the work it will get there.

Packing my day with wonderful Vitamin D, laugher and good nutrients. When I am flared my desire to eat healthy food goes and I just eat what I can, so now lots of good nutrition is needed. Often people will say what you need is (Blah blah blah)... or maybe if you eat more (blab BLAH blah) .... 

Really it would be wonderful if it was that easy. 

Maybe we play it down by calling it "a flare" the reality is today was the first time I have been outside of my house since Monday. I felt awful on Monday and got back into my pyjamas. I only managed each day to wipe my face with a baby wipe and brush my teeth. I eventually felt strong enough for a shower and change yesterday. I had not brushed my hair for six days! That is how unwell you are during a flare so I can't sugar coat it and say I was up and dressed with my red lippy on each day as it simply didn't happen. 

I don't share this raw honesty for sympathy, it is not easy to admit I have been too unwell to shower or even change clothes as my body was too painful. Fibromyalgia is real and very much life changing. I am now a different person as a result of years living with chronic pain and flares, but I do smile daily and find so much happiness and real contentment with the simple things in my life. I am thankful for having Fibromyalgia as it made me appreciate life differently.

I will find a way to make sure this week is wonderful at my level of energy. 

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx

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