Fibromyalgia and sage burning

When you have an illness you can easily become engulfed in negative energy. We often feel stuck, down in the dumps with pain, sluggish and even full-on depressed. As a holistic therapist, I always feel this is due to many contributory factors, one being stagnant energy surrounding you.

The ritual of burning herbs is ancient within many cultures, even Catholic churches burn Frankincense. Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a space or person. 

Clearing out energy in our surrounding space enables wonderful neutral energy which naturally helps with mental clarity and calm. 

If you are new to this practice it can seem very odd, I agree but what have you got to lose? 

A rested calm mind and body is so beneficial long-term to anyone battling Fibromyalgia so why not have a go? 

Many herbal holistic stores will sell pre-made sage bundles or like me, you can simply make your own. Often I will add other plants for their own properties but I won't bog your mind down today with all the individual plants, herbs, petals you can add to your bundle. 

To start I like to open all the windows, this gives the smoke and negative energy a place to exit and it allows crisp fresh air into the room. I like to say a little prayer, positive affirmation and ask the spirits to fill my home with love and clean energy. 

There are special methods such as starting in the East, opening all wardrobes and draws but I find a simple sage burning is just as effective for me, plus I really don't have the energy for all that!

As the smoke rises picture the smoke carrying away any negativity. Use your hands to fan the smoke into areas you feel need it most. 

The house does not need to be engulfed in smoke and you do not need to be at the point of an asthma attack, use your common sense and use the sage burning like an incense stick rather than a burning smoking torch. 

Do you sage smugde already?
Let me know in the comments how you feel it benefits you.

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


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