Fibromyalgia and banana bread smiles

Yesterday was a funny little day so I knew today would be flared and painful. I am my own worst enemy on days like this as I try and not take painkillers, why? 

Why do we feel guilty for needing strong medication? 
(Waves a fist at society for doing this to us who really need it to simply function)

I am so guilty of having a good day and then battling to try and cope with the days that follow. Trying to cope without the medication that you need is crazy so I do not know why I do it. I think to myself the pain will subside but often the minutes turn to hours and before I know it a whole day is engulfed to chronic pain. If you have not followed me and my journey with pain medication then, in short, I detoxed from Tramadol over a year ago. Read: How I became Tramadol free with scones

I have nothing at all against Tramadol but I clearly see an improvement in my digestive system and IBS so I am very reluctant to take them long-term again. But getting angry at your own body for something that you know you have no control over is so daft, but 
I can't lie about doing it.

CBD oil is great for everyday pains but when it hits hard it simply is not enough. Every year is different with Fibromyalgia, last year during the summer months I did not have such depth of pain, this year I do, that is ok.

Today was spent in bed, sleeping and just holding my body in the best comfortable position to endure the pains. I woke, told myself off, took some painkillers, remembered the medication for other things I forgot to take through concentrating on the pain management and then like a gift from the Gods my youngest came home from school with banana bread.

A friend asked me this morning in a text how I was?
I replied "Dandy"

Well, I am. in my mind things are all fine and dandy even on the bad days.
I look back to the first year of Fibro and how unbalanced and sad I was, I felt alone with an illness I knew nothing about. Now I have all you, I know what is happening to my body, I accept what is thrown my way and know that even on really painful days like today something good will happen... 

Like Banana bread, delicious and made with love.

Never allow an illness such a Fibromyalgia to steal your happiness. There are so many beautiful reasons to smile and be grateful even on the painful days. Don't compare your day to others, to old you, to you on a good day as it stops you missing the magic of the day ahead. 

This summer, don't let your ice cream melt watching someone else's sprinkles.

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


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