4 changes to become Fibromyalgia happy

I really could dedicate my blog to ways to try and make people with Fibromyalgia happier as the list is endless. Today I selected just four that I firmly believe made a difference to my happiness. Hope it helps you in some small way: 

1. Acceptance of fibromyalgia 

I know it is really difficult to accept something that seems so unfair and completely changes your life, but you really have to in order to be happy. I had to create a set of coping mechanisms to ensure my day was filled with happiness so I could smile and get giddly excited about small beautiful moments. 

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Fibromyalgia has no cure so hoping it will just go is a waste of energy. I thought well if I am stuck with you I am going to make friends with you and understand you more.  It becomes a massive part of who you are so you need to befriend it. No amount of anger and denial is going to help and it is not going to make you better if anything it will just create stress which impacts on symptoms.

Acceptance doesn't mean giving up and allowing Fibromyalgia to engulf your life, you only give it the time it needs nothing more. It means being open to and accepting the fact that you have an illness and that illness needs to be treated. It means acknowledging its existence in your life and educating yourself as much as possible so you become aware of the steps involved in your care. Acceptance means getting over your old self, and ready to embrace the changes that make a new you.

Most of all acceptance means being kind to yourself and accepting you as you are.

2. Fall back in love with life.

Life suddenly changes with any diagnosis of a long-term illness and for a while, we lose our grip on happiness within our life. This is understandable so please do not beat yourself up about it but you do have to allow yourself to fall back in love with living, all be it life with Fibromyalgia. 

I will never be the old version of who I was as a woman.
I will never shimmy on the dancefloor in my high heels.
But that is ok, I am beautiful and life is wonderful. 

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Life will only ever be as good as your mindset, fibro or not. Mindfulness will help greatly so invest some time in decluttering your mind. 

If you ever doubt your ability to find true happiness again always believe anything is possible. If a cauliflower can be rice and a pizza then you can have fibromyalgia and be happy again...

3. Sleep and scheduled rest

When you are well rested and have had some good quality sleep the day seems a more magical place. It is so difficult to achieve quality rest when you have an illness that can make you feel completely exhausted when you have just woken up. I find that developing a routine with my sleep pattern helps my happiness levels greatly. My body knows when to expect a complete shutdown and even if I am having a good day I still manage my scheduled rests. 

Doing this each day rather than just when you feel sick or tired is one part of a shift from living in response to symptoms to living a planned and balanced life. 

If you live daily with chronic pain, certain days may seem unbearable at times. Being constantly in pain can affect many areas of life, including work, family, loving relationships and happiness. If you are living with chronic pain, finding ways to manage it may be essential to your wellbeing.

Make your bed as comfortable as possible and consider this rest period as important as taking medication. 

4. Aids to independence 

Sorting out your house and life to accept the aids you need to make things easier. For me, this was one of the hardest aspects of Fibromyalgia and I was not prepared for needing any aids in my forties.

With an illness that fluctuates you really do need to prepare for all eventualities. With such rapid changes to your body and independence you have two options:

  1. Sit and wallow at all the things you no longer can do. 
  2. Accept what aids are available to make life easier. 

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx


  1. I really like "fall back in love with life" - that's an awesome concept :D Lowen @ livingpositivelywithdisability.com


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