Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #18/2

If you are new to reading my blog Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind are just a small update on my inner thoughts from the week usually typed out with my Sunday morning coffee and some of the images from my phone. (If I have any from that week) 

Sunday thoughts are a big one this week as it combines two weeks of life with all the ups and downs. I do love logging my Sunday thoughts even if they are just for my sons to look back on in years to come. Sunday morning coffee with first light is when I start to write and it really does take me all of the morning to capture the thoughts in my mind. Simple tasks such as correlating and recording my thoughts take forever now. I am very much like a snail on Valium. 

As I sit here now looking at this image from two weeks ago when healthy eating was in full swings I compare it to this week, balancing energy and just grabbing what I can it sums up Fibromyalgia so well. Yes, we would all love to eat super healthy but someday you just don't have the energy, motivation or taste buds to cope. 

This week I found myself diving into a chip shop meal then suddenly remembering I was trying to be healthy... Oh well no point worrying about it now. There is no way the Avocado Fairy will ever make me feel guilty about what I eat.

Had a lovely little day out visiting my local art gallery with a friend while the boys were in school. I have been to this place a million times during my life yet it is still as wonderful as the very first time. Art has always fascinated me, even the frames and building are art to me. It was just so lovely to be out with adult company rather than being at home talking to the dogs waiting for the boys to arrive home from school.

This image below is just a memory log of my youngest and I sat in the NHS walk in and a small appreciation of living in the UK and having a great National Health Service. This is a service that we have in the UK rather like an Accident and Emergency department (Emergency Room) but for things that are not quite as urgent. Although we were there for his poorly tummy and water infection we both agreed it was just lovely to have the few hours together eating the half pack of Chewits we found in his pocket. 

We are blessed to have a superb National Health Service in the UK and I am blessed to have a funny little boy and half a pack of cola Chewits. 

School holidays are just so wonderful to have family time and snuggles with the sons but they do come with added guilt for us Fibromyalgia Mums. Social media is often filled with albums and snippets of other families days out and often we simply can not compete. My son's never moaned, I love them so much for this, but the guilt is still there for us.

Here is a conversation between myself and another Fibro Mum, I get so much comfort knowing there are other ladies out there just like me, who understand my life and it's limitations.

We do what we can..

One thing I am truly grateful for is balancing my illness enough to be able to take my boys to their club on Saturday mornings. We call it our Saturday Gang and grab a photo together each week. I love sitting drinking tea with the lady there (Bonnie) and doing my crochet with my feet up.

Life with fibromyalgia is a balance, sometimes we have good days, we hold on to them with both hands. The pain and lethargy are still there but for us, the symptoms are eased enough to put on some makeup and enjoy our day a little more. 

Some days we are exhausted and in too much pain to function.

I know I am lucky as whatever day, whatever severity of symptoms I can find something to smile about. It took a lot of inner-peace, acceptance and contemplation, meditation, fibromyalgia management and mindfulness to get to this point but it is so worth it. 

If you smile at life, it smiles back..

This funny little image was taken one morning I was smiling and I noticed this face in a wall. Inspired me to want to put a little smiley face on my house. Smiles are so contagious.

I will find a way to make sure this week is wonderful at my level of energy. 

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Love and gentle hugs

Ness xx

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