'Earth mudra'

'Earth mudra' or Prithivi Mudra

Benefits of earth mudra: Strengthens digestion, assimilation. Creates a sense of centeredness and grounding, and helps one to adjust to any kind of change or disruption to a normal routine. It is very useful to increase the earth element and decrease the fire element within the body so is incredible for body and mind equilibrium. 
Balance is essential to happiness and calm with Fibromyalgia. 

It can be practiced anywhere. 
Start with 5 minutes, build to 30 minutes daily..

How to begin: Lightly touch the tips of the ring finger and thumb. The other fingers remain extended and relaxed.
You can do this seated, or lying down.
If seated, take the mudra with both hands, place the backs of the hands on the lap..
Close your eyes, soften your breath, and inner gaze...
Focus your breathing until it becomes slower and deeper..
Begin to lengthen your exhale, so it is longer than your inhale..
With each inhale, gather any negative thoughts, with each exhale, release them, visualising them releasing into the earth...

To finish, be aware of the ground beneath you, the solid earth, the support...
Know that this is always so...


Even if you do not believe in all the mind, body mumbo jumbo then trust me just do it and feel the benefit, the calmness and it is a great way to relax your body for 30 minutes if anything else!

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