The changes I made to make my Christmas with Fibromyalgia not end in a flare.

"Mum, Christmas is not over now is it?" my youngest son asked. I tried to reply in the best way possible making him believe we should ideally celebrate life every day. The words flowed as I utilise the fact that there was only him and I there (the elder sons say I talk hippy Zen nonsense). 

His little face lit up, "cool we will make everyday Christmas then all next year until the next Christmas day!"

Okay, in theory, we can not do this as it would neutralise the magic of 25th December. But we can make small changes to make life more special. 

I made some changes to my life last year and I really feel they have worked wonderfully as I don't feel battered with the Fibromyalgia baseball bat and then run over by the Fibromyalgia Bus.  This year, I am still in perfect management and balance. 

Last year I was shattered, "I staggered into Christmas day feeling like the death of Sgt. Elias in the film Platoon. Like a wounded soldier shot battered and broken staggering to his helicopter of safety, yet our pain is not as visible." (Read: Why does Fibromyalgia not unchain me for Christmas?")

Christmas was totally beautiful, our first together in our new house. But what is just as beautiful is that I am not paying now for that beautiful day. 

Our Christmas day table. 
Now please do not view this as a bragging blog as you are there suffering in a flare. It is not that at all, (huge love and gentle understanding hug if you are in a painful flare) I simply want to share with you the changes I made as each year I lost December/January to Fibromyalgia pain and suffering so this year once recovered I decided enough was enough! I had to change to make it more magical:  
  • I started to buy gifts very early on and stored them away. I am always an early shopper for Christmas but this year I was ridiculously early. I was buying gifts in February! 
  • I made each of my sons a special crochet blanket gift. It was a way for me to use crochet to stay relaxed but also make something with love for the five most precious people in my life. 
  • I learned to not just write about saying No, but to actually do it myself. Bloggers are super at giving brilliant advice but forget to practice the advice, this year I said "No" to so many things that no longer made me happy. 
  • I avoided the drama and the agro people. Do we really need to spend time with these soul-sapping people that you really don't get on with? Be ruthless in the pursuit of happiness. Utilise the delete and ban options on social media. Keep your circle positive. With age, I understand more and more the value of privacy. Some people will never be your tribe. Happiness is found by cultivating your tribe. You can be civil, honest and open while accepting that some people will never deserve a seat at the table of your life.
  • I didn't spread myself thin trying to be supermum. Previous years gone by I tried to max up on painkillers and overcompensate for the year of being ill. I would step out of my comfort zone way too much during December and it hurt a lot!
  • I didn't overdo it. In the forefront of my mind was always a schedule of rest and Fibromyalgia management.  
  • I planned and made lists all year. This is a Virgo trait, I am a list maker.  
  • Gave up emotional reactions to other peoples drama. Not my Monkey, Not my circus. If words control you then you never truly find peace. 
  • I ordered all my shopping online. (food and gifts) Literally EVERYTHING!
  • I prioritised what was more special to the boys Panto or Wrestling and made that my focus. Rather than a half present and in total pain, Mum doing four activities we had one special Saturday with their Wrestling family and it was beautiful. 
  • We had Christmas in our own house so never had to dress up, stress at the dogs being alone, worrying that when you sit down and rest you will be called lazy. 
  • I didn't completely overindulge with food. I enjoyed it and never became a greedy piggy consuming way beyond my elastic pyjama pants comfort. First-year ever in my life I didn't feel "that Christmas day feeling" of being sick and stuffed. 
  • I stayed hydrated. I often forget this and stick to tea but every time I went to the kitchen I drank a glass of water, it all adds up. 
  • I ate loads of nutrient-rich food, watched the IBS triggers, kept a good management on constipation. Christmas time often makes me lose my logic and abuse my digestive system. 
  • I bought thermals and kept my body warm. Areas like my legs and back that usually suffer were cocooned in thermal fluff. 
Can't say it has been easy but I kept on keeping on and hoping I would not have a Christmas flare like every year previous. Slow and steady has won the race this time and I bought myself some festive flare-free peace. (Fingers crossed it continues to the new year)

Last year I made a Christmas memory blanket (Read the blog here)  This year I made my five sons all a memory blanket, made with love all through the year. They are huge 6ft blankets each made unique for each son. 

Christmas day was chilled and beautifully mellow. Lots of nice food, Christmas television, and playing games. I even discovered Bailey's Irish Cream.  How have I lived forty-six years without tasting this?

Being a Mum is my greatest achievement but I accepted this year that I am not superwoman and they do not need me to be in order to have a great time. It is fine to be a little bit selfish and invest in your own happiness and self-care.

My beautiful card from my sons.

My five sons and I, Christmas evening. 
Stress pokes the belly of fibromyalgia and wakes every symptom. This is why I try to live my life within a bubble of unicorns and magic rainbows.

Have a little think of all the things that stressed you this Christmas. Write them down and think of ways to make changes to your life for better management.
Be selfish, be ruthless in the pursuit of happiness. 
Don't give up on your little girl dreams. 

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Love and gentle hugs


  1. Happy New Year Ness I so enjoy your spunk and attitude and you have encouraged me to not stress as much however every mom does. I to enjoy Irish Cream just a little bit on the rocks or in Hot Choc. is wonderful. Hope your week is filled with good health and less pain. Gentle Hugs Wendy


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