For all Fibromyalgia Mothers at Christmas.

As it is the first week of December my brain was racing thinking of Christmas. So I stopped to think of other women just like me, it really does help to know I am not alone. 

Fibromyalgia is hard to understand but some people grasp that overexertion and pushing ourselves too far is not wise with fibromyalgia as we then become very unwell but mental overstimulation is just as damaging to us. Simple things such as over thinking all that needs to be done for Christmas is easily enough to cause a flare. (Read: What a Fibromyalgia flare feels like)

One thing that living with Fibromyalgia has taught me is that I now need exceptional balance in my day. I live my day like a ritual doing the same things that I have learned through trial and error work for me. 

Thankfully I am organised for the festivities. I  have my food home delivery service booked, all the gifts bought online, the tree is up and I am very slowly pacing myself to wrap presents each day. 

Last year once Christmas day arrived I was shattered so this year I started Christmas very early and made a few changes to our usual routine for December.

Being a woman, a mother with a chronic illness is tough so please always remember you need to take care of yourself first and foremost.
There is no shame, no judgement, in taking time for you. 

"I see you there Mummy, I recognise the smile

It's stuck there like a mask and it's been there for a while

But underneath the grin I know you're tired and you're weary

You show the world your game face, never let them see you teary.

Your baby is your everything, no doubt about your care

But something isn't right and you're just terrified to share.

But if you did, you'd find a world so full of Mums like you

Who sometimes cry and shake and often don't know what to do.

It's hard when nights are endless and screams ring round the walls

And yet you're up at dawn to dry the tears and break the falls.

Your thoughts are filled with fear and doubt and endless, aching worry

Your wishing all the days away and yet you fear the hurry.

Please know you're not alone in this, in fact you're with the crowd

It's something that we all should learn to speak about, and loud!

There is no shame, no judgement, in taking time for you

In fact it is the best thing that a Mum can do.

So hold your loved ones tight dear, help is on the way

It really is that easy, you only had to say

There's other Mums around you, who'll never let you fall

They're there to tell their stories and guide you through it all."

(author unknown)

Women need to support each other. Sharing is caring.

We are not all Superwoman and live each moment as Mary Poppins so please always remember there are other women just like you. You are not alone.

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Love and gentle hugs to you all

Ness xx


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