4 small goals for December

It is so easy to allow tinsel and Panto to distract you from your Fibromyalgia requirements of rest, daily medication, staying well hydrated, good bowel movements, focus on balance.

Last December I completely overdone things which left me feeling awful. With all this forefront of my mind, I am making myself small goals to achieve in December.

  1. Accepting that I can only do so much.

    I manage this so well for eleven months of the year but lose the plot early December. Suddenly I overthink and start to worry about how the day will pan out, will the boys like their gifts, what if I have forgotten anything? I really want to avoid this way of thinking so will be constantly reminding myself to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. I want to use this month for self-reflection.

    It really does you good to participate in a spot of self-reflection. How I have grown this year? How I have changed? What I have learned and what I have pulled away from. Falling in love with myself has been my greatest achievement lately and a month of self-reflection will be a good foundation to start a new year in our new house.

  3. Put the house on hold and accept we have done enough till 2018.                                     

    We moved house a few weeks ago. It was such a whirlwind period that I have not yet mentioned it on my blog. I still wake up and feel on holiday, it is rather surreal. The house is cosy enough for now so it can wait until the Spring sunshine gives me new energy. One of the hardest challenges so far since this illness has been moving house when you are unwell.

    Many people live in palaces and they are still not happy so I am proud of my happiness.  As I sit here with no flooring and scavenged curtains, I know I am so genuinely happy and there is no rush. I have a little Pound Land tin for savings to complete the house but it will be done in our own time when we can afford it.

  4. Enjoy every moment of December.

    Truly making my focus on each family love moment. We often allow our mind to dwell on the past or race ahead to the next moment without enjoying what is happening. Simple things such as I want to turn my mind off to the duck rolls and cake on Christmas evening and focus on playing board games, watching the boys open their gifts remaining within NOW will really make December the happiest yet. 

Do you have any goals for December?

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Love and gentle hugs to you all

Ness xx


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