Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #22

Autumn is here and although my body hurts I am still so in love with Autumn. The flimsy summer clothes have been shelved for another year and the jumpers are calling my name. It is a good job I don't really follow fashion as I never really get any wear out of clothes now, I live in pyjamas and hardly go out.

Three weeks into the school term for my youngest boys and this year I don't have to do the school run for the first time in seventeen years! 

This has made such a difference to my day. It is surprising how draining of energy doing the school run was. I have not utilised this change well yet so this week is all about rest and finding my balance again.

It is so easy to think you have extra time and a little more energy so you push too far.
This week I thought my back would stand the hairdressers, how wrong was I?

Rather than dwell on that hellish Friday I will tell you all about something beautiful. On social media, we form many friendships and that is the most beautiful aspect of Facebook. If I had to write up a list of peoples names that I class as friends many of them would be ladies I have never met in person. It may sound odd to many yet some may be smiling now saying,"me too". 

One of my beautiful friends had a bouquet of roses delivered to me. 

This wonderful act of kindness melted my heart. 

Beautiful roses my friend sent me. 

Pushing myself too far with Fibromyalgia for me is not just physical aspects. Many other things like added drama, tension, workload, mentally challenging things can tip me into a flare. I always say I live in a fluffy pink bubble and it sounds so sweet and cute, but the reality is I have to for my health.

Stupidly I have overworked my mind, luckily I identified with this aspect and made changes to correct it. It was all to do with blogging so I will share that on another blog, it is so easy to get carried along with the band in a parade. 

Self-care with Fibromyalgia is very much removing every aspect of your life that exacerbates symptoms for you. We are all different on what affects us as some things such as seasons and the weather cannot be changed to removed. It is very much an ongoing holistic audit that we have to do or Fibromyalgia can sweep us under. 

Sunday plan. 

The Sunday plan was a feet up family day with roast dinner, golden syrup sponge cake and custard. I love Sunday, it is a special day to me. My eldest son came home for a roast so that was lovely. So much laughter when my boys are together, they really are funny. Good job I stocked up on bladder pads as I needed them.

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Love and gentle hugs to you all

Ness xx


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