Fibromyalgia helped me to become fat and happy

Autumn always makes me think and evaluate who I am as a woman. I have never really discovered why I do this during this season but I only assume it is my hippy nature and I like to shed and grow like trees do.

Since Fibromyalgia I have changed.
Physically and emotionally I have grown.

Fibromyalgia helped me to become fat and happy and for that, I do feel blessed.

I wrote a blog about Weight gain, dieting and Fibromyalgia back in 2015 and my views on this remain today. Being curvy, chubby and fat is not something to add to the stress and strain of your day. Yes, it is beneficial to health to be within certain parameters but if getting within that range involves for me many factors of life that are detrimental to health such as starving, smoking, stress, depression then give me fat and happy always!

As a woman, I eat healthily, do not drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs so I am proud of who I am and it is nothing to be ashamed of that I have more to cuddle.

Stand in front of the bathroom/bedroom mirror naked and truly have a look at who you are. We often tell ourselves that our true shape is less than perfect.
Why do we self-sabotage?

I am very overweight but I am so very beautiful.
This took me forty years to be able to truly think, say out loud and believe.

Fibromyalgia stopped me in my tracks and gave me the time out to truly love and listen to my body. I had internalised so many issues for so long. 

"If we imagine our growth as a person as building blocks in a tall tower, each block a unit of time as we grow. Any sadness, pain (emotional and physical) trauma causes an imperfection in the block anything from a chunk missing to a chip, regardless of this we continue to grow on top. The imperfections cause an instability within the internal structure and at any unknown time, the blocks will fall.

I always believe this is what happened to me, I ignored the emotional issues, trauma, heartache within my life and believed I was strong enough. By putting a lid on an emotion and storing it away in your mind does not mean you have dealt effectively with that emotion." 

Do you ever evaluate yourself as a woman?
Do you ever evaluate your emotions, your relationships, your past, your dreams?

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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