Fibromyalgia friendly clothes Denim Jeans for comfort

Why this series of blogs?
I love pretty clothes yet when you have fibromyalgia clothes don't necessarily like you, so you need to start looking for modifications to your wardrobe. Just because we have an illness it does not stop our desire to look good.

Pretty fibro friendly clothes are all about the items that catch my eye and match some of the requirements that I now need. I hope to inspire my readers if they are looking for something comfortable.

First and foremost I detest shopping for clothes so if you are like me then this is the blog series for you. I know what I like and what shops are accommodating with what I look for in clothes. Most of the things I will be sharing will be from UK high street shops and all to suit my budget. Most of these shops will now ship abroad and if not then still read on and follow the series as I am sure it does us all good just to look at someone else's perspective on clothes. I have often read blogs and been inspired by a look without purchasing that exact item. 

I don't like clothes shopping as the thought of manoeuvring Speedy my mobility scooter into a changing cubicle would spoil a good day. I would then need to get undressed having gone through the pain and difficulty of getting dressed already that day. It is no fun at all with a sore body to be playing dress up in the shops.

These trousers are machine washable.
Fabric content is 58% Cotton, 26% Polyester, 16% Elastane.

These jeans cost £22 and are available in sizes 6 to 26

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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