46 things about me (besides Fibromyalgia)

My birthday was last weekend and I am now the beautiful age of forty-six. I remember in my teens thinking that age was really old, if not ancient. Now I feel differently about it, obviously. 

I have already written a blog 45 things I wish I had known when I was younger so I can not do that again. I enjoy doing this kind of blog as it gives a deeper insight into you as a person.  With this in mind, I have come up with a list of forty-six things about me besides Fibromyalgia. I could have gone on to over a hundred as it is such a fun thing to do. 

  1. My favourite cake is carrot cake but the proper stuff with walnuts in, I get so confused by some of the stuff people sell in coffee shops and have the audacity to call it carrot cake.
  2. I used to collect vintage tea cups but had to sell them all due to space.
  3. My favourite colours are green and pink.
  4. My favourite film is Forrest Gump.
  5. The most painful thing I have ever endured was childbirth with my last son it was truly horrific.
  6. I have been single now for the longest period of my adult life (two and a half years) 
  7. I was an egg donor fourteen years ago and donated sixteen eggs in total.
  8. My favoutite TV programme is American Pickers I could quite happily drive in that van with them on salvage hunts. 
  9. I have two cups of coffee daily. 
  10. I have one older sister but we kind of have a love-hate relationship. Sisters by birth but we would never pick each other as friends. 
  11. I have never wanted to travel the world. The wonderful wanderlust bug missed me out. I am quite content in my own little place in the world having one holiday a year. 
  12. My eyes are dark brown.
  13. I love colourful things and never really match colours, I like them when they clash and look like a deranged rainbow. 
  14. I love Buddhas and have many of them in my house.
  15. I do not own a passport. I see no real reason to have one now. The last time I went outside of the United Kingdom was sixteen years ago on a holiday to Tenerife with my Mum and my three oldest children. 
  16. My favouite drink is dandelion and burdock, it is comfort in a bottle.
  17. I have loads of tattoos (both sleeves, back, and legs)
  18. My greatest fear is thinking of a time when my Mum and Dad will no longer be with me.
  19. My first ever record was Save All Your Kisses For Me by Brotherhood of Man, my grandparents bought it for me and I still have it.
  20. My ears are pierced nine times.
  21. The only time my toes are not painted red is when I have to take it off for hospital surgery.
  22. I love going to the theatre to watch live performances.
  23. My most extravagant purchase ever for myself would be a laptop, I can not live without my laptop. 
  24. My favourite designer is Orla Kiely. I absolutely love the retro design of her stuff but let's face it I could never afford it but it is nice to look and admire.
  25. I am 5'6 but I often look a lot smaller as people only see me in photos next to my sons, the older two are over 6'3 and 6'7
  26. Disneys Homeward Bound film makes me cry every time when Shadow comes over the hill back to the child.
  27. I have been a staunch anti-royal all of my life until baby George arrived. I always had a secret crush on Prince William and I find Kate totally adorable so when they had a little boy I was completely smitten. Since then I have now completely warned to them and really do see me becoming obsessed with the Royal Family once William, Kate, and Harry have their reign. 
  28. My favourite flowers are yellow roses.
  29. The shops that I like most are charity shops, I could shop for hours in these bargain place but normal shops bore me. 
  30. My favourite item of clothing is my purple polka dot dressing gown from Marks and Spencer.
  31. My biggest bugbear is people that do things for others with a condition attached and expect public gratification and a part of your soul. 
  32. My last meal on earth would be fish fingers sandwiches or my Mum's roast dinner. 
  33. I absolutely love Yorkshire tea.
  34. I prefer silver jewellery to yellow gold.
  35. I had a hysterectomy at age thirty-seven due to Endometriosis. 
  36. The most beautiful place I have ever been is Connemara in Ireland, my sons have promised to take me back there one day.
  37. I love Madonna, from when I first watched her on Top of the Pops in 1984 I was obsessed.
  38. I am a magnet to polka dot things.
  39. I still love my childhood teddy bear. Orange Teddy is the best little dude ever. 
  40. My favourite photograph is one of all my sons on a slide when they were small.
  41. I am obsessed with baby snails, they are so cute.
  42. I was once nearly arrested for causing a disturbance shouting at the BNP (Vile racist group)
  43. My favourite book is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. 
  44. My feet are a massive size 8.
  45. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs. I am about as rock n roll as a slug!
  46. My celebrity crush has always been Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats frontman and the man who started Live Aid) 
This was very cathartic and I am glad I compiled it. Looking at who you are as a woman beside Fibromyalgia is a great little reminder of your worth. I fully recommend you all doing this as it is so easy to forget you are many things besides fibromyalgia.

Today has been a beautiful morning, I think the colder wet days are now here and pain is raging but that is ok, it happens every year and I am well prepared so I feel happy and blessed.

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Love and gentle hugs to you all

Ness xx



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