Fibromyalgia: "You just need to get out more and think happy thoughts."

I read a few articles recently about the power of the mind over the body and they often irritate me. Being a Complementary Therapist the mind and body connection is always something that fascinates me so I am drawn like a moth to a flame. 

We do create self-fulfilling prophecies for ourselves when all we talk about are the limitations of sadness, pain and illness place upon us. So we really should stop talking about our pain, frustrations, and sadness based upon this. 
Or should we?

Looking back on life I really do feel had I talked more and expressed my true emotions then I would have coped better. Had I known people that had the same pains as I did, the same thoughts? 

Instead, I internalised everything and projected to the world a calm exterior when inside was in turmoil, this never helped my body and mind one bit.

Yes, there is a massive connection with the mind and body, it took me many years to find inner peace and a balance. I think positive thoughts daily yet I am still in pain with fibromyalgia and daily manage depression and anxiety. People often do not realise this as I smile so much.

It really irritates me that so many people already suffering have to suffer further from insensitive advice based upon this mind and body connection. Usually, this advice features around the notion that all their problems and ailments will magically disappear if they think of fluffy kittens and happy smiley faces. It is so much more complex than this and achieving a balance does not cure you in any way.

How often do people with mental health and or chronic illness hear this kind of duff advice? 

Please try and understand your loved ones a little more. Talk to them, be there for them, send them a text asking how they are. I often feel people who are sad and in pain just want someone to really listen to them.  Be a set of ears or a shoulder to cry on.

ಌ Love and gentle hugs to you all


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