Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #19

This week has been a truly busy one both mentally and physically. 

I hold my hands up. 
I am guilty of pushing way too far with Fibromyalgia and resulted in a flare. 

School summer holidays are not all ice cream and sunshine, for many families they have to endure the flaring period also, my boys are super supportive during this time. We have hardly had much sun in my part of the world either, it has been mostly raining so this also has taken it out of my body and balance of symptoms. 

In true Ness style, I have found so many positives from my time on the couch/bed rest. So I decided that these will be my Sunday thoughts today. 

Thursday afternoon I put pyjama bottoms on and a t-shirt and I am not ashamed to say I never took them off until Saturday evening when I felt well enough to have a bath! Even then it was a quick in and out as it was too painful to sit there. 

Through each of my couch to bed days my little dog, Maggie has been by my side, she is so wonderful and unconditional in the love she gives me. The warmth of her body next to my legs is so comforting to the pain, it is like she knows this. 

Sleep and crochet have been my saviours as I can be in the room with my youngest as he plods on with whatever he is doing, watching, playing and we can happily just coexist.

Even though I was unwell I taught myself a new method of making granny squares, solid ones. I am proud of this achievement. (insert a proud Ness smile)

Here is a little gallery of the precious moments I have shared with Maggie and Mr 11. I have opted to keep Mr 11 out of the photos as during our snuggle lazy days in he just wears boxer pants/underwear and a t-shirt.

It would be a truly wonderful world if we all loved and supported as dogs do, unconditionally. It is a massive pet hate of mine when people think you owe them for something. Do it unconditionally or not at all in my eyes. 

That is today's words of wisdom. Be unconditional. 
This unconditional love extends to yourself.

This week has given me a richer acceptance of who I am. Since fibromyalgia, I have slowly found myself on the path of true acceptance as a woman. I will dedicate a blog to this topic as many may identify with my ramblings.

It is a beautiful experience for a woman to be able to like who she is.
Feminism never taught me this quality.
Growing organically as a woman through an illness did.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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