Liverpool World Museum is a place you must go.

Being from Liverpool England you can often take the magnificent buildings in our city for granted, not me obviously, I am a building and heritage geek. The pride is huge that I grew up in this city. Often on social media, I have posted images and people are shocked that they are in Liverpool. We have a wealth of history here that could put many places to shame, come on now we were not a Capital of Culture simple because of The Beatles.

There are many places in Liverpool that I could talk about for hours and our museum is one of them. I am not one to brag but we have a few, my favourite being the original one from my childhood, The World Museum. 

The museum opened originally in 1851, sharing two rooms on Duke Street with a library. However, the museum proved extremely popular and a new, purpose-built building was required. Land for the new building on a street then known as Shaw's Brow opposite St. George's Hall was donated by local MP and Merchant William Brown, as was much of the funding for the building which would be known as the William Brown Library and Museum (opening in 1860).

The building today is magnificent it was built following a competition to design a combined extension to the museum and college of technology. The competition was won by William Mountford and the College of Technology and Museum Extension opened in 1901.

I have lost count of how many times I have been to this museum. Years ago we had to run up the steps to the entrance but they moved it now to enable a greater access for all. 

The steps outside are my childhood, I really do think they are mine. A tourist family were gathering to get a photograph as we walked past, in my mind, they were on my steps so it only seemed kind to smile and offer to take a photograph of them all together rather than Dad being missed from the photo. The language of Liverpool, hand gestures with a huge smile is universally understood. 

If you are traveling to our city by train then you arrive at Liverpool Lime Street station and instantly you are greeted with St Georges Hall, fabulous place but will save that one for another blog. My museum is situated behind this building to the right on William Brown street. 

You will see the English flag flying on the top of St Georges hall but I really do think we need our own Liverpool flag. We are a city of many cultures dating from long ago due to Liverpool's port history. 

Wellington's Column, or the Waterloo Memorial, is a monument to the Duke of Wellington standing on the corner of William Brown Street. 

The Walker Art Gallery is an art gallery in Liverpool, which houses one of the largest art collections in England, outside London. 

The best way to see the museum and not miss a thing is to start at the top and work your way down. There is a central stair case and lifts for prams and disabled. You always see the lifts filled with people that really are able bodied so spare a thought for the less mobile (like me!) 

Space, time and the Planetarian is at the top. Never been a fan of this so I always skim fast around this floor. It is wonderful but that is not my passion.  Rockets, telescopes, meteorites, and moon rocks are a bit yawn to this woman so I just smile and act enthusiastic to my sons. 

Now on the other floors, I begin to turn into an excitable child. There is just so much to see, touch, talk about. I have been coming here for forty six years and it still always offers me something wonderfully new.

Ancient Egypt is much more than just pyramids, mummies and hieroglyphs. You could literally spend a day on this floor alone looking and reading as our museum has one of the largest collections of ancient Egypt stuff in the UK. 

Pyramidion of Nefer-ron-pet (top pyramid stone) about 1295-1186 BC

My absolute FAVOURITE part of the museum is floor three. The Western Discovery Centre is amazing! Big should out to a man called Adam that was working there, he was so informative and interesting. It was his passion (he had a Masters Degree in it) so I could have happily sat there all day listening. Fascinating place, you really must visit this part.

I took loads of photos, just to give you a little teaser of why it is so magical.
There is so much I missed so I will have to go back.

The part my sons love is The Clore Natural History Centre as you get to hold and examine objects including plants, animals and rocks

Just like The Western Discovery Centre, there is staff on hand to let you touch things and explain what they are. 

It was so hard not to label all of these photos but I really want you to visit my beautiful museum for yourselves and see them in real life. Just looking at a photo of an Elephants tooth is no fun if you don't touch the surface and feel how heavy it is. Compare that to the tiny silk Chinese foot binding shoes and imagine the horrific pain these poor women endured having their feet snapped and binded to keep them small as that way believed to be more beautiful. 

Nothing down for me with my big size 8 feet then!

Have a read here of the web page for my Museum.

Did I mention we are getting the Terracotta Warriors next year?
OMG, excitement overload on this on....

Outside the museum is a good pick up area for one of the city tour buses. Never been on one but they look fun. We loved the ones in Edinburgh so I really should try out our ones.

If you don't fancy the tour bus then the city centre is a short walk away. Cross the road and either walk through the gardens at the back of St Georges hall or stay on the path and you will pass our beautiful Hillsborough memorial monument. It was commissioned by the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and sculpted by Tom Murphy.

Have you been to my museum?
What was your favourite part?

If you are planning a trip to Liverpool and need some tips on places to visit or where to stay then please just comment and I will try my best to help.

I really do love my museum so you have to come and see why.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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