Debunking a Fibromyalgia social media selfie

I have a passion for keeping life with fibromyalgia real so I have decided to debunk a recent social media selfie. Debunking is simply a way to show the truth behind a situation. 

I always grab a selfie on a decent day and use it on my social media. I get a few likes and it keeps the confidence levels up, but the reality of one image needs to have a light shone on it simply to show what fibromyalgia is really like. 

For me to have a day out with my sons it needs planning. I can't pinpoint an exact day as you can never predict how you are feeling from one moment to the next. During school holidays I always promise the boys I will take them to our home city and so far I have managed to keep this promise. 

Monday I decided to try and plan for Friday so during the week I got lots of couch/bed rest and tried to focus on balancing pain for Friday. I tried this last week and had to abandon it as I simply couldn't manage it. 

Following a day out I always go into a flare so I need to rest before the event and also know what is happening the days afterwards to allow for complete rest time. 

The day arrives and I grab a nice photo and share it on social media as the one below that was Fridays Instagram share. 

Original image. No filter or edit at all. 

Obviously, there is an Instagram filter on the image. I pick the best possible area in my house for lighting and then still add a filter. My favourite on Instagram is Clarendon. It makes my eyes look brighter and gives my skin a soft peachy tone. 

Midway through the day, I am starting to feel intense pain so heat patches and medication is needed. The boys often can tell when I have had enough and are brilliant with me. 

Back in my own home, I am shattered, pain is intense and I am so tired I could cry. The thing that keeps me going is the happy memories of our day. 

It is evening now and I am struggling. 
This mornings radiance seems a distant memory now. 

I am sat on Facebook sharing the images from our day to family and friends and I updated my profile picture to the one taken this morning. It often makes me giggle as I post a picture but am sat there in pyjama bottoms with my hot water bottle looking like death but people don't often see that. 

So why not just leave the image of Friday, write a blog about the day and smile at the social media likes I received? 

Well, it is not really a true account of life with fibromyalgia. 

Someone somewhere may see the image, read my blog then judge themselves or a loved one based on what they perceive I can do and how I have my lippy on living life to the max. If you shared our lives or read our forums you would see many of us at some stage in the year often do things for the memories then we have a chat about the intensity of pain afterwards and how the flare was worth it. 

We understand each other. 
We notice the pain in each other's eyes after overdoing things. 

Debunking one of my selfies is simply a way to show real life.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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