Fibromyalgia lessons from the man next door

The man next door taught me a valuable life lesson. 
Life is precious and can change in the flick of an eye.

When we moved to this house it was during a very difficult period of our lives. The couple next door were lovely and I often admired their roses in their garden. Some days when I was sad walking past seeing my favourite flowers in full bloom was enough to make me smile. 

The garden was immaculate, roses and hydrangeas pruned to perfection and I swear he combed the grass. It always made me giggle as ours was never going to compare with five boys playing football and two dogs. 

My youngest called him his best friend rather than the elderly man next door as he would stand and chat to my little man over the fence, my youngest was then age five and very chatty. 

Suddenly he became unwell, Parkinson's was the diagnosis but the decline was rapid and heart wrenching to my sons and I. 

The man next door no longer tends to his garden. The roses are still there but do not dance in the summer sun as majestically as they did when nurtured with his devotion.

The first rose image was taken when we moved here as a reminder to myself that they make me smile. The second image was taken a few minutes ago as I walked past. 

Life is precious and can change rapidly. 
Now the roses I pass daily are a reminder to me that it is imperative to grasp life with both hands and dance in the sun while you are able. 

Make your day as beautiful, magical and filled with love and possibilities as you can. 

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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