Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #17

This week has been a long one. Started great then again I overdid it. For some unknown reason, I have done this a lot this summer and paid the price greatly. When you have a long run of good days your mind starts to convince yourself you are "cured" and can now take on the world. This is something so many of us do so I know I am not alone, I guess it is down to hope that the old you has returned. 

I gave this some thought yesterday as I lay on the couch. Finding a happy balance with illness was something I never really gave myself credit for. Smiling on the painful days is truly a gift. I wish I could bottle this gift and give it out free to my fellow sisters in Fibro world so they too could smile at the small stuff and realise life is still magical regardless of a diagnosis. We are so lucky the ones that can do this. 

So would I really want to return to old me? 
No way! I am far mentally happier now, illness made me appreciate everything I have in my life. So all I really need to stop doing is overdoing it. 


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were flare days. {Read: What a fibro flare feels like} lots of rest, sleep, snuggles and hot tea. The sinus pain in my face was getting me down more than the actual Fibromyalgia pain. Sinusitis is something that I always suffer with, usually, a strong decongestant helps but this time it was not enough. Thankfully I live in the UK and we have a great National Health Service so I was able to get a doctors appointment on a Saturday. Penicillin and steroid nasal spray are now helping so much. Also on the prescription, it said a Tropical smoothie and carrot cake in Marks and Spencer. It's nice to have the correct treatment now and nice having quality time with my youngest. I truly feel blessed living in the UK when I am unwell. My heart goes out often to my fibro sisters across the pond that do not have this level of care. 

I have added the photos from my iPhone from this week. 
How has your week been? 

"Mum will you get me some Spiderman web"

This tiny note holds all the information I asked Mr 11 to get me.

My girl shed makes me smile.

A little flower area on my fence, needs more flowers.

Remembering my childhood days.

Painful moments when bed was the only place for me.

My best friend and loyal companion.

Mr 11 gets an end of school prom invitation.

Maggie looking after Mr 13 and absorbing his warmth.

Carrot cake and smoothie after a trip to the doctors. 

My little Princess.

This week ahead will be magical.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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