Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #15

Seems a while since I typed out a Sunday update.  I am rather scared to check how many weeks it has been so I will just say too many.  

Life and lethargy get in the way sometimes of keeping to my own schedules, I need to work on this. 

Things have been piling up due to intense lethargy, it is one of the symptoms that remain with me even on my good days. It is so hard to explain to people that yes I am looking well but I am not cured in any way.

Summertime gives us a healthy glow and Vitamin D vibrancy so grabbing a good selfie is easy, but the fibromyalgia is still there gnawing away. I tried a couple of weeks back to ignore fibromyalgia and push through the pain. I pushed too far and I have not felt radiant since it sent me into a flare and this brought emotional turmoil as I was so angry with myself and with fibromyalgia.

My mind and body cried out for help.

I am proud that I now to listen to my body. 

Through listening, I became aware I was getting low and was allowing things space within my mind, I was doing everything that I had taught myself not to do and it was spiraling so I grabbed the reins and created a little space to heal:
  • I attended a sound and vibration guided two meditation class.
  • I made sure I maintained my own daily meditation. 
  • I gave myself lots of space to sleep and rest. 
  • I had a Reiki session.
  • I increased CBD oil intake. 
  • I booked myself onto a conscious breathing for relaxation workshop.
Natural healing is wonderful but it is a slow and long process that requires a lot of management and dedication. This is the title of a new blog post I am writing I want to give a full account of how much hard work goes into managing a chronic illness naturally. Partly for my readers and partly cathartic to keep my mind focused. 

Please look out for that blog if you are interested in managing Fibromyalgia naturally. 

Hope you are all feeling tickety-boo.

I am getting my shimmy back now, we all need a little shimmy in our day. 

 Love and gentle hugs to you all
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