Waving a fist at the medication haters.

I am a calm, hippie-dippie soul, a qualified Complementary Holistic & Alternative Therapist, ex-Nurse and all round happy Buddhist, unicorn, all things pink but certain things irritate me so today I am waving a fist at the medication haters.

Whilst on Instagram one image shared was "the hair that broke the camels back" and out came the soapbox for a rant. 

There is a huge popularity lately in medication bashing. Raging against the pharmaceutical companies, claiming natural methods are as good as conventional medicine, an awakening of the mind to the exploitation of medicine. Call it what you like the core of each remains the same. 

Now before you go commenting about a certain illness that does show positive results from a natural approach, yes I know. Read the first sentence again, I am a qualified holistic therapist, it is my profession to know this. But many abuse facts and claim ALL illness does not need conventional medication and that nature alone can cure ALL illness. This is WRONG! 

Many people living daily with chronic illness and disease are being spoon fed stupid dangerous advice. 

This is the image that infuriated me. A man at a crossroad and the two paths are shown. one of medication and one of healthy eating. 

This image is so full of bull I even did not want to have it on my blog, but to prove a point it is here. 

Is this really a true representation of life with illness? 
If we all just ate a few more greens we would not need medication? 

One side the grass is lush green, the side of the healthy eating whilst the other is grey concrete. The artist needed their head put in a stock and cabbages thrown at it!

Certain medications are handed out like smarties, I agree. 
Often people are given medications to simply combat the side effect of another medication, I agree.
But also some medications give many people a good quality of life.

Who can say that the same person who takes the medications does not munch on broccoli all day?
So you can not eat healthily and take conventional medicine?

Many medications actually assist in sustaining life such as diabetic medications, heart medications, blood pressure medications, mental illness medications. 

What people do not understand or care when they share these stupid images is how vulnerable some people may be. 

Certain individuals that have smoked a joint once at a festival, said namaste a few times on social media and shared the Om sign suddenly become professionals in all things Earth Mama. 
Shut up, grow up and get over yourself. 

A truly holistic approach to health and illness means that we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. You can think of this as different levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It's the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. We have conscious and unconscious aspects, rational and irrational aspects.

Please stop sharing images that claim healthy diet alone will cure everything, how wonderful life would be if we could go into hospitals and palliative care hospices and sprinkle kale magic on the ill to cure them. 

Nature, conventional medicine, new research and ancient wisdom combined with healthy eating, mental clarity, inner peace and calm is the way forward not scare mongering. 

Please never come off a medication without consulting a physician first it can be very dangerous. If any holistic practitioner or healer advocates this then they are wrong to do so. No true professional would ever advocate this without seeking medical advice. 

Stay vigilant.
Ignore the scaremongers. 
You never asked for this illness. 

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. Glad to see someone speaking up about this. So many people who post these quick or all natural cures/medication replacements have no regard for human life.

  2. Thanks for this! I absolutly believe going"natural" can help with illness, but I want to lose it every time someone says it's a cure. Those claims are actually dangerous.

  3. So good! Thank you! Get soooooo tired of hearing how stupid I am for not just getting rid of my illness(es) by eating kale or buying more supplements. Do these people not think I have a closet full of supplements? Do they believe we enjoy being sick?

  4. But I do believe it should be stressed that a healthy lifestyle is as important as taking your medication and these 2 should ALWAYS be combined. Now granted popping a pill or doing an injection is much easier than living healthy but the medicine can not undo the damage you inflict to your body by ignoring your part in the process i.e.: eating healthy, exercise , relaxation techniques etc. oh and by the way I have MS , was diagnosed 12 years ago and have failed 4 medications.... so have been on both sides .... inform yourself , care for this only body you have .... by every means !


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