Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #14

Sunday already and I am bursting with happiness and energised for June. I do love new months, they are like a clean slate ready to fill with love and laughter. 

The boys have been off school this week and as always I have loved their company. I know it must sound like fluffy blog glib but we really do enjoy each others company. Unlike some, my children don't argue with each other at all, the banter is funny and free flowing but we are like a strong unit. Past life experiences now seem like a gift (although a very painful one) as we truly are close as a family, we are happy. 

My toes remain dipped in the pond of feel good and I am doing everything possible to maintain this phase, life is good and I am making memories. 

Here are some of the images from my phone, I don't really share my boys on my blog but every photo they were by my side, just the way I love my life. 

Today I have my first born home for Sunday dinner so that alone makes my day beautiful but I am sure there will be many more moments I smile about.  One of my smiles today is this cup of coffee now as I type and the silence and calm of a house full of sleeping people but you are awake listening to the birds. 

Whatever you are doing appreciate the small moments.

I try my best to practice mindfulness this is the awareness that arises by paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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