Pretty fibro friendly clothes: Dr Martins in tie dye

There is something magical about Dr Martins and these are like something out of a dream. These DM's are amazing.

So what makes them fibromyalgia-friendly?

Comfort! This alone is the one reason why you need Dr Martins in your life. 

Here is how the company describes them: 

"This women's 8-eye boot serves up sunny skies via a colour pop of cosmic tie-dye against a bright white sole. In other words, it's ready for the 2017 summer festival lineup. This 8-eye boot still bears all the classic Doc's DNA, like grooved sides, stitching, a heel-loop and our iconic air-cushioned sole. Plus, there's no need to compromise: the women's boot is made with fine canvas — and is certified 100% Vegan."

I just had to share these boots as they made me smile but in reality, would I buy them?
Nope, I think they are a bit too expensive for my budget.

Footwear that makes me smile deserves a mention on my blog.

If you would like to buy these amazing shoes here is a LINK
They cost £105 and are in sizes 3 to 8

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. Oh, too cute!! I wish I could, but they're awfully pricey, and they don't come in my size. I often end up with uncomfortable shoes because I have big feet. Designers don't seem to like big footed women any more than they like big bodied women.


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