Happiness is a lifestyle.

The world is made up of many wonderful people living in truly amazing places but do you really appreciate just how wonderful your place in the world is?

Saturday evening I walked home barefoot with my boys content looking at the stars feeling happy with my little place in the world. We had enjoyed a weekend packed with laughter, family, love, culture, great food. Our souls were enriched and I felt truly content as a woman.

It took me a long time to appreciate such internal peace and contentment but I really do feel I am now on the right path. 

For me (and the person responsible for this graffiti) happiness is a journey, not a destination, it is ongoing. 

Happiness is not an end goal in itself but is more of a lifestyle. Happiness is not some state we will one day reach for good, but an ongoing process requiring work and practice to manage our thinking, outlook and habits.

I have never placed a high value on happiness. I firmly believe the more we value happiness the more likely we are to expect happiness and to set higher happiness standards that are difficult to obtain.
Putting a high value on happiness leads us to be disappointed because our level of happiness won’t meet our expectations.
This realisation helped me to stop looking and expecting happiness, allowing to just simply be. 
Sometimes you just need to consciously change how you live your life. 
Start with your surroundings, the area you live. Go out and find it's beauty. 
Here are some images of my home city. 

When you reevaluate and simplify your life positive changes do happen.
Only you can take the first step.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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