3 things I dislike most about Fibromyalgia

When we hear the word Fibromyalgia we often think pain, fatigue, fibro fog yet there are many aspects to living with Fibromyalgia that we often do not discuss.

With this in mind here are my three things I dislike most about Fibromyalgia besides the obvious:

1. Communication
I miss my old level of communication. This can be broken down into a few sections:
  • Long phone calls with my family/friends chatting for hours about random stuff. Now I glaze over and lose track of what we are talking about. 
  • I miss enjoying long personal messages on facebook they now just seem such hard work to read and digest the content of the conversation. 
  • I really miss being an active part in a group conversation. Now due to sensory overload I simply close down when many noises are present. {Read: Fibromyalgia and sensory overload}
  • I dislike that I am not as fast now with wit and sarcasm. being a Scouser (person born in Liverpool, England) we have a special raw humour, mine is now a lot slower. 

2. Being part of society
Yes it must sound amazing to not work and to stay at home all day, but trust me it is not. I often feel I have lost who I am to fibromyalgia due to the isolation from society. I loved the buzz of being in college/university/work as you get to meet people and have human interaction. It gives you a purpose in life and when someone asks, "what do you do?" it is soul destroying saying I am unwell at the moment so don't do anything.

I have felt pangs of jealousy that I hate to admit to. It is so unfair when on social media people are having life outside of their front door and you are feeling down in the dumps and in pain. Admittedly I have taken the first steps to try and change this by going to meditation classes, meeting a friend for coffee and starting gentle exercise with my sons but it is a long slow process and I get exhausted easily.

3. Feeling like a sexy attractive woman
This sounds a little dramatic but you do lose some of your confidence to shimmy as a woman. It is so difficult to think of yourself as an attractive woman when you spend most of your days in pyjamas with a hot water bottle attached to you.

Following a really exhausting bath a few weeks back I had to sit down on the toilet to brush my teeth as I was too tired to stand. The motion of back and forth, side to side brushing my teeth seemed like so much energy that I had to finish earlier than usual. When you do not have the energy to stand and brush your teeth how could I possibly find the energy to then turn porn star in the bedroom?

The thought of shaving my legs brought me out in a cold sweat of fear let alone tackle the bikini line!

Regardless of the energy used to prep and the thought of being sexy, I miss wearing high heels. Such a simple part of being a woman that I took for granted prior to fibromyalgia and now I ache to wear super sexy heels again.

Hope after reading this you appreciate there is a lot more to a chronic illness than the symptoms the medical pages tell you.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. It's so hard to explain this stuff to other people, some friends do try to sympathise but they always get bored with the effort. Somehow I just get forgotten.
    Life brings so many stupid challenges, today my chair lift is broken so I have had to climb the stairs, so I am really tired and my legs hurt.
    My dog walker is on holiday and my poor little boy needs his walk and it's raining!
    Many thanks and gentle hugs for sharing.


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