Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #13

I have had a lovely inspirational week, but I think I have overdone it! Regardless of this, I am still maintaining I am in a good phase however it is beginning to feel like I am holding on to this phase a little too long. as the cracks are starting to show. I have endured two rather painful sleepless nights but mentally I am still riding the crest of the feel-good wave. 

Twice I have ventured out this week into the big wide world. It really did feel amazing to be out, I wore my age four with new shoe smile and wanted to stop random people and declare I was having a good week. Sadly very few understand this excitement/fear unless you live a chronic illness life or know my journey with Fibromyalgia.

My sons understand my journey so well, their support for this good phase has been overwhelming. Mr 20 just smiles at me saying how lovely it is to see my doing so well the last few days. He is a constant source of encouragement and calm, his huge 6'7 man arms engulf me in hugs and make me feel safe.

The funny middle son sent me a text, a simple few words that mean to much, "Proud of you Mum." 

My Mum last week sent me such a beautiful message after spending the day with me, telling me how proud she was of me and that I am trying my best to grasp life with two hands.

Mr 13 and Mr 11, my best friends, my shadows, my partners in crime and constant reason to smile.

Simple things such as friends comments on Facebook have been a massive boost for me. To post a selfie and people to see I am in a good place and take the time to comment is so uplifting. 

Tuesday I met my school friend 

So many reasons to smile and so many people have inspired me this week. It has been very much the first steps on a journey. If I fall and crash in a flare then that is fine, I will embrace it with love, but I am trying my best to enjoy feeling good and not have the cloak of impending doom (a flare) spoiling my parade. 

Do you ever feel inspired to become a better version of yourself?
That is where I am at now, I am happy with who I am but I know I can be a better version. 

It all started Monday morning walking to school with my little man. There on the floor, lost and alone was one of the childhood toys that I have not seen in ages. I loved Stickle Bricks as a small child so it was quite symbolic to me.

Image found on the internet. 

Fibromyalgia made me hold on tight to the security aspects of my life and create a cocoon, the sunshine now makes me feel suffocated and trapped. My dreams were being crushed by illness. This week I asked my angels for guidance and they replied to remind me of who I am and all the dreams I had as a small child. It is good to be reminded you were once a small child so that you can be kinder to yourself.

Some of the images from my phone this week. 

The Sickle Brick reminding me who I am. 

The snails dancing in the rain. 

Little Maggie my source of warmth during snuggles.

Afternoon tea with my friend.

Making strawberry jam.

Being an English rose.

Tommy Shelby my funny little grumpy tortoise. 

My week has been one of the busiest in a long while, it has inspired me on many levels mentally and physically. 

Make yourself a dream list.
Remember your childhood dreams.
Never lose hope due to illness.
Better days are ahead, it is not about if they last it is the joy of experiencing them. 

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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