Pretty fibro friendly clothes: Marks and Spencer Poppy Floral Swing Dress

I love pretty clothes yet when you have fibromyalgia clothes don't necessarily like you, so you need to start looking for modifications to your wardrobe. Just because we have an illness it does not stop our desire to look good.

Pretty fibro friendly clothes are all about the items that catch my eye and match some of the requirements that I now need.

I hope to inspire my readers if they are looking for something pretty.

First and foremost I detest shopping for clothes so if you are like me then this is the blog series for you. I know what I like and what shops are accommodating with what I look for in clothes. Most of the things I will be sharing will be from UK high street shops and all to suit my budget.

Online shopping is the only way for me. It is so stress free and easy.

Most of these shops will now ship abroad and if not then still read on and follow the series as I am sure it does us all good just to look at someone else's perspective on clothes. I have often read blogs and been inspired by a look without purchasing that exact item.

It is going to be summer soon here in the UK so that means pretty dress weather.

I adore floral dresses they are so feminine and even teamed with Dr Martins boots they always look pretty. The colours of this dress really caught my eye it is so fresh looking.

So what makes this a fibromyalgia friendly dress?

  • Anyone with fibromyalgia hates feeling restricted and tight so the cut of the sleeve is ideal on this dress. Even if your arms are chunky, they will look and feel their best. 
  • The design is flattering as it flares out from the bust to the hem so if you are having an IBS bloated day, no problem. 
  • I tend not to wear a bra these days so that cut under the bust is great for giving a soft lift. I wear many dresses of this design in the summer and no one can ever tell I have no bra on, it is so comfortable and liberating.  Bras and fibromyalgia do not mix. 
  • The material is light and not clingy. 
  • Marks and Spencer seams are never irritating and rough. 
  • It is a pull on dress so no buttons or zips that are fiddly for sore hands. 
  • For ladies in wheel chairs or scooters it sits on the knee so is very elegant and not too revealing. 
  • The blue colours are very summery boosting your spirit on tough days. 
  • It is machine washable and tumble dry but my experience of these frocks are they never need ironing and are good to go fresh from the washing line. 

Obviously, this is not me in the images, this lady is a size 8 model and I am a size 20 model but I know I would look equally as good.

I gained loads of weight being unwell but I never let it get me down or let the scales tell me what I can I can not wear. We are all beautiful amazing fibro warriors and we come in whatever size we want. Skinny women are super as are fat ones we just need to love our bodies a little bit more. If you are in the plus dept like me then yes, you can be fat, unwell and beautiful. Fat is not a nasty word it is a cute cuddly happy one so embrace it. 

For me, this is an everyday item. I would wear this during the daytime and even for a special gathering as it is so pretty. It would be ideal as a holiday dress as it could be dressed up or down with accessories. 

This dress comes in sizes 6 to 22 and is from Marks and Spencer so the sizes and fit are always good.
The cost of the dress is £25 plus delivery. 

Please let me know if you have this pretty dress or if you enjoy my new blog series.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. So nice to know I am not the only one who can't wear restrictive clothes, and a bra is hell. Trouble is I have big boobs so don't go out in public without one. Mind you, I don't go out much anyway.

    1. Thank you so much Janey , clothes and bras are so nasty when combined with fibro. It is easier in the winter to wear no bra, not so easy in summer xxx


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