Fibromyalgia A to Z

A is for Aches all over, fibromyalgia hurts. Not just a little hurt I am talking you wake and feel like someone beat you in the night with a baseball bat or a bus hit you, that kind of ache.

B is for Bladder as mine has a will of her own now. Seriously you will know all about things like incontinence pads and words like interstitial cystitis.

C is Chronic fatigue, there is no feeling like it. Nothing at all like normal tiredness. This is the most debilitating symptom of all for me.

D is for Doctor. Like most professions, there are some that are brilliant and some that are rubbish and should not be paid or given the name. Always remember their lack of knowledge on Fibromyalgia is due to them being lazy and not keeping up to date with medical illness, it is a reflection of them as a professional not you as a patient.

E is for "Errrm" I say this often now when asked questions and my mind is mashed with fibromyalgia, "Mum, where is the....... ?" to which my reply is, "Errrrrm"

F is for the family. The chronic illness family you will grow to love and appreciate as we are the ones that truly understand not having a bath as it drains the life out of or staring at your phone when it rings wondering why the person does not just text.

G is for gusset on knickers as you need comfortable knickers and somehow since fibromyalgia, my gussets have got bigger, I have no time for fancy string lace knickers in my fibro world!

H is for happiness, yes you can be truly happy even though you have this horrible illness.

I is for I am. That powerful start to a sentence that you need to remember as it becomes very easy to lose your identity to fibromyalgia. I am a woman. I am beautiful. I am so funny. I am an amazing person.

J is for Jarmies, you will live in nightwear, elastic waist cotton pants are the way forward. 

K is for crutches, well done for noticing they should begin with C but I used that up on Chronic Fatigue. Crutches are a great mobility aid and balance support. 

L is for Lycria (pregabalin) that bloody awful drug that doctors hand out like smarties. 

M is for the mind as you really do need to embrace meditation it is brilliant as a pain management technique. When we are in pain we hold our bodies rigid and tight, we need to relax our bodies and practice effective breathing to help with pain. 

N is for mastering the art of saying NO. It takes time but you really do need to say no to people when they ask you to do things or go out of your comfort zone. 

O is for overdoing it. This often happens and you end in a flare. Life becomes a balance from now on. 

P is for pain, fibromyalgia brings a whole new meaning to the word pain. It comes in many forms from electric pain, sharp stabbing, throbbing toothache pain all over your body. 

Q is for Queen. Real Queens fix each other's crowns. Look out for your fibro sisters, never judge each other for what we can or can not do. 

R is for rest as you need lots of naps, guilt-free rest is essential. Listen to your body when you want to rest and never feel guilty for having to rest due to an illness you never asked for.

S is for sleep, some of us sleep and never wake feeling refreshed. 

T is for tea. simple pleasures like tea in a pretty cup keep me smiling during difficult times. You really do need to live for the simple small moments. 

U is for unique as no two people with fibromyalgia are ever the same. We all have different symptoms and different ways of coping. 

V is for voice. We need to share our real experiences of life with fibromyalgia so that we give fibromyalgia a voice. It is an illness that is misunderstood by so many people. 

W is for weight gain. Many of us gain loads of weight either due to medication or by our lives suddenly becoming so sedentary. The beauty of a person is never remembered as what size clothes they wore. Don't allow weight gain to make you sad, you can be bigger and just as beautiful.

X is for X-men, we are a special tribe of mutants now with our own special powers. Mine is the ability to wear big nanny knicker with a huge gussett whilst till maintaining a shimmy of sexiness. What is your super power? 

Y is for yesterday, a day that we will never have again. I have in the past focused a lot on the past and I try now to focus on today and look to tomorrow and the future. Today is such a better place than yesterday will ever be.

Z is for the z in "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" as you now need to make your life a Zip-a-de-doo-dah life, notice the beautiful moments in your day and cherish them. Notice a nice cup of tea, a comfortable blanket, a baby snail and sing your heart out like a Disney child. 

Oddly I really enjoyed doing this, even the boys joined in to help me so I think this will have to be a number 1 in the series.

What have I forgotten?
What would you have included?
Put your ideas in the comments and I will add them into part two.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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