Fibromyalgia- Be here now and discover the magic of living.

“One foot in the past; one foot in the future; defecating on the now.”

I do love this quote so I really should remember where I first heard it but hey ho, I do not. For me, it sums up Be Here Now perfectly.

Be Here Now simply means whatever you do, do it fully and be conscious of what you are doing. 

Do everything with your whole body, heart, mind and soul.

I try so hard to live in the present moment or here-in-now as it makes me at peace with my thoughts and filters the ones I need. 

Getting into the present is so beneficial to happiness as enjoying the small moments help us to enjoy life more. Otherwise, we're always stressing to ensure our future and when we reach there we don't enjoy the journey.
So how do you start living each day like this? 

It was not something I achieved overnight and it is not something that happens and simply stays that way, you have to work at the focus every day. It's tough for first 4-5 days then your mind shows less resistance afterwards.

It all sounds very Ninja but trust me it is not like that.

Imagine all the things you do within one single day and never gain the full benefit from. To show this theory a well-known mindfulness practice is to place yourself in a calm quiet ambience and eat just one single chunk of chocolate. 

We often just chew fast and never really taste or enjoy or experience fully the chocolate so for once take one chunk and suck it slowly noticing the taste, the texture, how it makes you feel. If your mind wanders then bring it back to the sensory perceptions of that one chunk. 

Be here now’ is all about discovering an increased state of focus on any activity your physical/mental body is engaged in. To practice it on a second to the second basis means simply to be involved deeply, in whatever activity you are engaged in.

When you focus on what you are doing it is often enlightening to think of how many chunks of chocolate in your life you have never really experienced fully. 

Imagine how many beautiful moments in your day you have not experienced fully? 

You have to stay with your sensory perceptions and remain present to what is happening it is so magical when you discover life minute by minute.   

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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