Sunday thoughts from a Fibromyalgia mind #7

Sunday thoughts are getting typed by a tired Mummy, I missed having a nap today, bad decision on my behalf and so I am paying for it now.

Today has been lovely, it is the start of the Easter school break for my sons so we are enjoying a mellow relaxed day with no rushing getting the uniforms washed. Two full weeks with boy snuggles is my kind of start to April. I am always happiest when I have my gang with me. 

The best meal of the week has to be a roast dinner, the highlight of Sunday. 

The boys are very excited as it is Wrestlemania tonight. They get to stay up late and watch it with their big brother, he is also wrestling mad. We bought a little party for the late night gang, I will be off to bed, as much as I love wrestling that would kill me staying up till 4 am especially after going out Saturday morning to training with the boys.  

Hope you have an amazing week.
If your gang is off school and you are worried how you will cope, why not have a read of HOW TO SURVIVE THE HOLIDAYS WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS. 

 Love and gentle hugs to you all

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