Sunday thoughts from a Fibro mind #8

Such a pretty little image to start my Sunday ramblings with. Today can only be described as fat and thankful for elastic waist pyjama bottoms. That roast dinner left me stuffed yet I still managed cake!

Easter has been traditional in our house with hot cross buns, crumpets in the shape of bunnies, roast dinners, home baked cake and Cadbury chocolate buttons. Thankfully I have also been stocking up on nutrient rich stuff to boost the vitamins. I adore all the delicious seasonal fruits and vine tomatoes that are in the supermarkets.

The boys have been off school and it has been lovely to have them here but I am actually looking forward to Tuesday as I manage Fibromyalgia better with a routine, I am totally out of my pattern when the boys are here.  

Today is a super painful one, I knew it would be as I had a little day out with the boys yesterday to Liverpool. It was lovely and we all enjoyed it. Maxed up with tramadol I survived the day and now I can crash and flair. 

Coffee and cake in Liverpool with my sons. 

He melts my heart being so like me. 

Thinking and getting words to form a correct sequence it tough today.  This blog has been a challenge let me tell you, so I am filling it with pictures from my phone and small snippets.

My large chunky wool purple and yellow blanket. 

Made some granny squares for a cushion.

Pretty colours but the thinner wool hurt like hell...owch!

Any excuse to play with Doll Pegs. 

Bunny shaped crumpets.

Yummy apple hot cross buns.

Is there a chocolate more tasty than Buttons? 

See I am healthy...a little

Look out for the recipe blog for roast tomato soup

No real reason for an image of a British post box beside a reminder to myself, and it looked super pretty when I passed it this week.

Dear Brain, just behave and let me have my focus back please. My mind is like fluffy mash potato...

 Love and gentle hugs to you all

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  1. Hi Ness, I've posted a link and your picture on "Monday Magic - Inspiring Blogs for You" Claire xxx

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much. Sorry for the delay but you should know me by now I catch up on blog comments eventually. Huge thanks Claire I appreciate it xxx


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