Painleave a website to track fibromyalgia and other chronic illness.

I was asked by Painleave if I would have a look at their new straightforward website to keep track of and monitor chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, back pain, lupus or MS and offer some feed back.

It is a specially designed to help in managing treatment and finding what kinds of things trigger that unwanted pain.

Painleave allows you or your caregivers to:
  • Record symptoms & uncover their triggers
  • Organize everything your doctors tell you
  • Keep track of your medications
  • Gain a deeper insight into your condition
  • Record your symptoms.
  • Keep track of your moments in pain to develop a thorough understanding of when and why your symptoms occur.
  • Remember what doctors said. It allows you to keep a detailed history of all the diagnoses, treatment plans and advice medical professionals have given you. Painleave works great to take notes while you’re in the exam room.
  • Keep track of your medications. Can’t remember when you last took your dose of that medicine? No more worries there! By keeping track of the medicines you take and when, you can start to see which are effective and which might be causing unwanted side effects.
So what did I think of the web page?

  1. Design is sleek and professional but thankfully misses out all the long words and boring jargon that I do not need, you can instantly tell it is designed for the patient. I have looked at apps of this nature in the past to record symptoms and they just seem way too difficult for no reason at all other than to impress with computer skills. My mind is filled with fibro fog at the best of times so I don't need someone to mash it for me.
  2. The colours are easy on the eye.
  3. No flashing moving areas of the webpage to annoy and result in migraine.
  4. No music, I detest websites with music.
  5. Text is easy to read against the plain background.
  6. The page is easy to navigate and find my way around very easily. Within seconds I was up and running, yes it is that easy!
  7. Simple and easy to input details. I adore simplicity and things not being over complicated. Pre-fibromyalgia I would have the attention span to sit through long set ups and quirky new methods to input data, now with a chronic illness mind I don't. I want things at my level so I can be my own patient advocate.
One of the hardest things I find is getting a doctor to hear all you have to say within the set allocation time. This is further impacted if your appointment is on a particularly painful day. So many people must leave the surgery feeling like they failed themselves in relaying new symptoms, pain levels, medication side effects. It is all so very overwhelming to have to get everything over to the doctor in such a short space of time.

My short term memory is rubbish and it is so easy to become desensitised to pain and illness when you live it daily. I forget many things when I am put "on the spot" things that are very important to my care.

"Oh but I am unwell, I do not want to log the details of my illness..."
Every person with long standing illness should be their own patient advocate. There are times when it becomes essential to have a detailed account of day to day fluctuations in health and illness:
  • This would be essential for hospital appointments.
  • Records for disability tribunals.
  • Monitoring of new medication and the effects it has on your symptoms.
  • Even just to see an improvement or decline can be an asset to your care and emotional well being.
  • To see changes in seasons and how they have an impact on symptoms.

"So how much will it cost me? "
For the level that I just recorded my illness it was FREE. The designers are launching a premium version soon that I expect like most apps will be a little extra as it gives a much more detailed approach to recording data.

Why not log in and have a go for yourself? LINK TO SIGN UP
Please write in the comments what you think and if it is the way forward for you.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


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