If I were Queen for the day I would lock people away in the tower for:

If I were Queen for the day besides wearing all my pretty gowns and crowns I would lock people away in the tower with no supper for:

  1. Saying they actually like drinking green tea.
  2. For telling me asparagus is nice and I should like it.
  3. For coughing in my breathing space and not covering their mouth.
  4. For being a drunk on public transport and thinking of all the people that would like to talk to you I would be the best choice.
  5. Telling me wrestling is fake when I say I like watching wrestling.
  6. For being Jamie Oliver and spoiling school dinners.
  7. Cakes that look yummy but are dry and tasteless.
  8. People that drop litter in my world.
  9. People that dress little people in summer dresses and sandals on cold days. 
  10. People that leave their tea bag in the cup. 

It would seem after doing this, (with the help of Mr 13) that a lot of things are deserving of being on my list. I asked the help of Mr 13 as he knows me better than I know myself some days. 

We missed out the obvious political rants, and I had to leave out the Feudal System and class structure rant as this post would not exist without the feudal system, or maybe I could say I am a Queen of the Fairies, yes that sounds better and more me. 

I also missed out the things that I really and truly detest in the human race such as hatred based on race, culture, sexuality and materialism. 

So it seems this is a Part 1 and I am not as mellow as I think.

What would you add to the list? 
Please write in the comments of my blog yours and if I share the same dislike I will add it in Part 2 as this seems fun.

 Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. 1. People who have lost their compassion
    2. People who think they're entitled to respect, just because if "who" they are in life (I'm thinking big man/ little man scenario)
    3. People who look, but don't see, the simple beauty that's around them
    4. Parents who dress their little girls in a way that's 10 years older than what they are, putting make up on them etc. Let them be a child - they'll grow up quick enough!
    5. People who have big fast cars, but who are rubbish drivers
    6. People on the tube who don't make eye contact or chat with the person sitting next to them
    7. Cyclists who think the Highway Code doesn't apply to them (and then moan when they have an accident)
    8. People who dont appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature
    9. Inconsiderate neighbours who think it's perfectly accepatable to start drilling a wall at 10pm
    10. Teachers and schools who tell kids/ parents "they'll never amount to anything/ they won't be able to do such and such"
    (I had this said to me about my youngest son...that he'd never be able to read, hold down a job or get any qualifications - that he'd be totally dependent upon others for the rest of his life (he's on the autistic spectrum).
    I was told to put him in a special needs "school" (it wasn't really a school, more a place to dump people who had been given up on), as it would be easier for me.
    I fought the system, and fought for him. I taught him "coping strategies", taught him to read and helped him with his social skills.
    He's now a well rounded 21 year old, with lots of qualifications, and holds down a job as a mechanic.
    I often wish I could see those drs from long ago, and those teachers who said he'd never amount to anything, that he "couldn't do...", and say "see this man? This is the man you gave up on")

    Anyway I think I'd best end my list here as I'll end up sounding like Victor Meldrew! Haha ☺
    Irene Ryan x

    1. Ha ha ha I love your list, definitely will be listing some of them in Part 2 so get thinking of some more xxxx

  2. I love #5!! If you're caught up in the wrestling world, did you see where The Undertaker retired? I teared up. For me, I would probably say for talking while I'm trying to watch a movie! I understand a comment here and there, but a full-on conversation that lasts throughout the entire movie is so annoying!

    1. Oh he is such a darling, we were all teary eyed here also. Can't believe it is the end of an era. My Mum is so guilty of this it drives me nuts and my youngest is a chatter box also xxxx

  3. When I cut out pop/soda & this coffee sweet drink (before diabetes diagnosis) I drank green tea at work and lost about 15 lbs and I did learn to like it! No really! Don't lock me away! My tea is my daily indulgence and who cares that its a black tea!

    1. Wow that is a big weight loss, my sister swears it is what keeps her slim. Maybe I need to re address this dislike of mine ha ha xxx


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