When a Fibro Mum needs to be a Nurse Mum.

This week has been one of the weeks when your children need you more than Fibromyalgia does. I am a Mum before I am anything, it has always been that way. So when little people are unwell you have to forget your own aches and pains and become Nurse Mummy. 

Unfortunately for my sons, they inherited (genetic) some of my illnesses such as 
  • Asthma.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Migraines.
  • Depression.
  • Hay Fever.  
As a Mother, it is heartbreaking to watch your own child go through something that you know only too well. Thankfully my genetic illnesses were spread equally among the children, imagine if one poor sod got them all and the other four brothers were a powerhouse of health. 

At least they will not develop painful periods, endometriosis and have a hysterectomy. I feel blessed I do not have to watch my daughter writhe in pain each month like I did. 

One thing that seriously rattles my core and makes me writhe in anger is how we have to program our children to compare themselves to others. We try and change the workforce to be more accepting of illness and disabilities yet what about the Education Authorities?

The Education Authority feels that every child is the same. Schools are penalised for attendance records yet they never take into account how many children have ongoing medical conditions in that school. They are all little mini robots that have to live up to unrealistic expectations of what they perceive as the level of illness a child should have. 

Why not just let teachers teach and parents parent?
Children with ongoing medical conditions are constantly compared to children that are 100% healthy, what muppet decided this? 

People need to stop comparing people and expecting the same result. 

It is impossible to predict every day when you have a chronic illness as you are never sure what the day will throw your way. 

As a parent, you can not pour from an empty cup but when you have fibromyalgia the cup is never full even on a good day. So you can only do your best with what energy you have. It is even more essential to follow guilt free resting when you are also caring for poorly sick children. 

In order to be happy always you have to not worry about the insignificant stuff. The house police will not charge through the door with a warrant for your arrest if your home looks like a bomb site for a few days. If you are unwell and your children are unwell then resting is all you can do together. 

So many simple tasks that we once took for granted now become a massive chore and drain on our energy supply. 
  • It is ok to completely switch off and rest. 
  • It is ok if the most you have done is watch rubbish kids TV with your ill child.
  • It is ok to have a messy home. 
  • It is ok to have blankets and bed pillows on each couch.
  • It is ok if the ironing basket just laughs as you walk past it. 
  • It is ok to get into bed and toss all the clean washing on the bedroom floor for another day. 
  • It is ok to type out a blog in the top you wore yesterday that you also slept in.
  • It is ok to have three empty tea mugs next to you.
Things will get done in their own time. 
But that time is not today and that is ok. 

Love and gentle hugs to you all


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