We all have a capacity to be a mother #MothersDay

Mothers Day for me far extends the amazingly beautiful woman that grew me in her womb and the five sons that I grew in mine. It is called Mothers Day not grown in womb day and so it is a celebration of all things in our lives that we have Mothered or have Mothered us.

  • I "mothered" my dolls as a small child. 
  • I "mothered" a small feral kitten that had lost its mother when I was about nine. I had fed it and carried it everywhere with me in a blanket for weeks on end.
  • I felt "mothered" by the cuddly dinner lady in primary school that would put white Dettol on a cotton bud on our knee and hugs us when we fell in the school yard. 
  • Our pets are "Mothered".
  • Aunties "Mother".
  • School Teachers "Mother".
  • Our friends "Mother us"
  • There is always someone we call the "Mother" in workplaces.

My point is I was a Mother even before I ever became pregnant, we all have a capacity to be a mother so it should not be a celebration of growing something in your womb. Have a wonderful day to all the women that Mother daily and make someone or somethings life filled with love.

ಌ Love and gentle hugs to you all

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