Wanderlust, a great imagination and Fibromyalgia

I honestly feel I was not born with a single drop of wanderlust in me. Never felt the need to explore other countries or travel, I have always been a home bird and often even on holidays felt homesick. 

This is a personality trait that has now been a blessing to me with Fibromyalgia as I am like a hermit now especially in winter, I may as well hibernate for that season.

I often wonder how people cope suddenly having their wings clipped and told they must now live a hermit's life when all their dreams were focused on travelling the world?

If this is you, I am so sorry you have fibromyalgia like me. This is a dream I have not had to give up.

I do feel blessed for this and my imagination.

I am so glad I have such a great imagination, I really do think I watched Barney way too much and I have developed an imagination of a small American child. 


How does having no wanderlust and a great imagination help when you have Fibromyalgia?

Well, a massive percentage of your day with chronic illness is being in your own four walls. For people with an urgency to explore the world, this must be like a prison sentence. They are doing time for an illness they never asked for so cabin fever must be raging for them. 

For me, it is ok.  I love silence and so long as I have tea bags and milk I am happy. I live in my own little world smiling at the pretty patterns in bubbles in the sink. 

Did I ever think I would be content with bubbles and the patterns they make? 
No, not really but what can you do? 

You can allow yourself to become bitter and twisted towards life as yours in now different or you can make happiness from the things you have around you. 

Maybe I am blessed because I do not stir into the sink and feel sorry for myself, I think, "Wowzer, look at the sun making rainbows in the bubbles and how brilliant is the pattern they make like Queen Bee of Bubble land is making honeycombs from bubbles"

I am not away with the fairies, (debatable at times) I am just making the most of life as I owe it to my sons and to myself to be happy. 

Today is a very painful one. Pain is cruel, it is gnawing away at everything you do. As I am sat here crocheting I feel the constant throb in my shoulders and the sharp knife grinding away inside my legs. But I still find the beauty in my day as that is such a greater magical adventure than anyone travelling the world has. 

They need to leave the house for adventures. 

Being happy does not mean you have to have it all and embrace every adventure it is about loving what you have and being grateful for it. You can not achieve this overnight and simply think yourself content with all you have lost with illness. People that advocate that are bonkers! 

You can, however, make small changes, baby steps daily towards acceptance. 

This is such an achievable adventure. 

Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life. 

Love and gentle hugs to you all


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