Two years as a #Fibromyalgia blogger.

Back in 2015, I decided to start a blog about my life with fibromyalgia. It started as part therapy for me to get my head around it and part to show others that you can have an illness and still be happy. 

This month marks the two-year milestone for my adventure so I thought I best post a celebratory few words and have a blog audit in the process. 

Whether you're using your blog as a career or you're writing one just for fun, managing it can be a full-time job. 

There's so much to keep up with new blog ideas, social media interaction, calendars, post obligations, review obligations, guest posts and if you don't organise it, all of the little details can be overwhelming. I have had a few blog wobbles in the last two years.  Blogging for me is not allowed to become stressful when it does I listen to my body and take some time out. Stress and Fibromyalgia don't mix. 

My blog keeps me active and pushes my brain to keep on ticking over. It keeps my toe dipped in the pond of life and gives me a purpose. 

Looking back at my blog from when it first began it is so different now in terms of appearance. I am lucky that I built it myself so implementing the changes means not relying on someone else to do it for me.

I am not about to write a blog giving top tips for surviving two years as I still consider myself very much a newbie. During the past two years, I am proud of my achievements with raising awareness of fibromyalgia. I don't wave a massive flag, my concern seems to be more focused on making other women not feel alone and isolated due to illness and social anxiety. It is so easy to build a nest within our safe haven of home and create a bubble around it, if we are not careful that bubble can close and we lose our identity as a woman. So I like to show people this is me, yes fibromyalgia is rubbish but you can still be happy.

What have I achieved in two years of blogging?

  • Happiness.
    This is so important to me and yes blogging makes me happy. 
  • My young son's pride.
    My little people love that I am a blogger, they think it is quite cool. Often they stop things and say, "take a photo of that for your blog Mum" I love their involvement even if I often try and keep their identities sacred.

    "The older ones do so many funny things that it would make comedy awards but they are their moments, not mine to share. The youngest little man would bare his soul for my blog, but his soul is too innocent, precious, unique and wonderful.

    My children have given me such a rich education in life and although I know this would benefit other parents in the same dilemmas, the over share would not benefit my sons.
    I can share my mind as a woman, as a mother, as a person with chronic illness yet I do not own the mind of my sons. Their moments with me are magical and I feel honoured to be their mother every day." Source
     (Read; Are you a parent blogger)
  • Mental clarity.The power of writing as a therapy is amazing (Read: Writing as a therapy)
    It also helped me to accept fibromyalgia.

    "I had to create a set of coping mechanisms to ensure my day was filled with happiness so I could smile and get giddily excited about the small beautiful things in my life. I still do this now, by filling my world with rainbows.

    The first year of my diagnosis with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was the hardest for me as I was still very much in the closet. Layer by layer I very slowly revealed who I am."  Source (Read: Accepting my life with fibromyalgia
  • New Friends
    I have gained so many online friendships from people that read my blog or are themselves, bloggers, it is such a lovely little community. 
  • I am part of the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network.
    This gives me the chance to review some amazing products for the chronic illness community. 
  • I am now a chronic illness writer for The Mighty. This is a disability and illness network that has a massive global audience.
  • I created a support group for women with fibromyalgia.
    This group currently has twenty thousand members worldwide

If you are interested in my blog statistics to compare yours, here you go. But please don't get so tied up with figures it spoils the fun. I always said if I could make just one woman feel happier about herself and life with fibromyalgia then I am happy, I know I have achieved this as some amazing women encourage me all the time on facebook (thank you, it means so much to know I made you smile)

My statistics today March 2017 after 2 years blogging

Web page: 69,613
Blogger: 107,325
Facebook page: 1,988
Twitter Followers: 4,614
Instagram Followers: 1,987
Pinterest Followers: 973

My statistics at September 2016 after 18 months blogging

Web page: 46,453
Blogger: 58,892
Facebook page: 1,866
Twitter Followers: 4,286
Instagram Followers: 1689
Pinterest Followers: 826

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being part of the journey. 

ಌ Love and gentle hugs to you all


  1. Congratulations Ness! Your blog is wonderful and so are you. I have really enjoyed reading along and looking forward to more. xo

    1. Thank you so much, that is so kind and I really appreciate it xxxx


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